Can someone TRANSLATE King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng with Oil Thana and Kwan Usamanee

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by eMAewhY, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. eMAewhY

    eMAewhY sarNie Hatchling

    Can someone please translate King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng with Oil Thana and Kwan Usamanee???

    That's it...JUST TRANSLATE!!!

    I will do the timing and everything myself. i just need someone to TRANSLATE!!!

    I am willing to compensate them for this. Let me know what you think and we can work something out!


  2. sweetieNu

    sweetieNu sarNie Adult

    it's lready translate by Nalika1 in youtube but its not finish.... if u want to watch it....
  3. eMAewhY

    eMAewhY sarNie Hatchling

    thanks. i found her and have contacted her!
  4. Fujia

    Fujia sarNie Hatchling

    I can't find this Lakorn; who can help me? All of the site who have it are closed. The links from Nalika or Youtube don't work.
    Thank you in advance.
  5. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    Mostly or all ch7 lakorns will not be found.. due to the strict ch7 copyrights.  
    Your best bet is just to watch it raw since the subbed ones are all down.  Good luck to you.  (If you can't find the raw files, I'll be more than happy to upload it for you since I love this lakorn :3)
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  6. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    May you, Aikoden. I'll love to watch it in eng subs. :D
  7. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    I can get you the raw files.. but not the subbed ones.  Sorry about that confusion.
  8. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    That'll be fine. :D Thanks!

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