can someone fill me in about Janies dating history?


sarNie Egg
She's currently a hot mess and everywhere thats about her, there has to be at least one comment regarding her history of hiso men. Is it that bad? Thanks in advance.


sarNie Oldmaid
I don't considered divorcing an abusive and cheating husband a "hot mess".  We should all leave her alone and give her time to healed and deal with her personal life in her own ways.
We as "an outsider" should be just that, "an outsider" and not get involved or tangle with anyone personal lives.
No matter what's going on with her life in the past or present she is female/women like many of us here; therefore we should at least shows some empathy or compassion to her or each others with moral support or word of encouragement and not kicking one another while another person's' down on their luck.
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sarNie Egg
I respect your opinion and that youre a sympathetic person. But unfortunately I cant sympathize in such situations until I thoroughly know it. We all know thatll never happen.


sarNie OldFart
I know some may say that stars personal lives should never be intruded but I always argue once you decided to become a celebrity you trade your life for money and fame. And having your personal lives get scrutinized is very much part of the deal. Whether they want it to be or not that's simply the case.
As far as Janie and her ex goes, she knows what she gotten herself into. To say she's innocent in all the mess is just not true. But i'll leave it at that.   


sarNie Hatchling
No one knows the truth about their marriage or what happenened. neither side has come up to clear anything up so there's only speculation.  oh well past is the past, whatever she's done in the past if it's true or not she's the one living with it.. to judge her base on speculation is unfair.