Cambodian Surnames


sarNie Egg
My last name is Kong like ku-ong like my father but my mom's is Muth and my grandma is In. In my family there is also Mao, Nop, Khuth, Khiev and there are still more :p


sarNie Egg
my last name is mak in english it's pronounced as mack and in cambodian you say it like you say mom in cambodian. my cousins last names are phok, lon, sokhom, seng, heng, phoeung and torn.


sarNie Hatchling
hi mine is YUOS mean honour, I love it cuz it's unique.....I love my mom last name to her is Meas mean so cool.


sarNie Egg
mine is "Thee". kinda suck cuz my aunt call me silly xD my dad last name is Mov and my mom's chhay. xD im weird hahaha