C-series Silence Summaries


sarNie Fansubber
so to try and keep track of events i thought i'd keep an on going episode by episode summary of "Silence." i am so hooked right now! first i'd like to clarify that i do not know chinese and am going off of what i make from each scene. also i must credit the wonderful people at faithful4ever forum for their translations...i can't remember the poster's name...but reading the translations helped the episodes make more sense...thanks...so for a comprehensive line for line translation go to faithful4ever forums.

here i will try to summarize each episode as concisely as possible. i know some people can't watch or don't have time to wait on youtube (i know i am such a geek for doing so). these summaries are meant for those people who would just like to know what's going on in a paragraph or so. so, enjoy! :D


sarNie Fansubber
wy= p'ek vic's character
ss= n'ek
zj= n'ek's friend, translates for her
xg= p'ek's girlfriend

for a complete, more in depth description on each character please see the following link on the silence discussion topic at our very own sarnworld.


Episode 1

we hear ss's voice over as she recalls her past and how she came to meet wy. ss's father is korean and her mother is chinese. after the death of ther father she moves to china with her mother and they open a korean bbq/grilled beef eatery. next door lives her father's friend and his son zj.

one day while cutting school with zj, ss gets into a bus/car accident. from then on she can't speak. while at the hospital, ss feels alone and leaves behind messages in a secret spot where a loosen brick can be pushed in to hide the spot (can't think of the word for it). wy finds it and they discover who each other is.

unfortuantely ss's mother gets hit by a car and dies as well. ss is very distressed and heartbroken. wy comforts her and they become close friends.

they make a promise to meet each other when wy is 25 (which is in the year 2006) to come back and meet. each writes a message and promise to come back and read it. wy asks if ss likes him. ss can't say, but wy tells her to tell him tomorrow. the next day wy must leave, he quickly writes down his number for ss to call him.

ss runs after the car, trying to find some way to tel wy that she does lke him, but the car just keeps driving off. finally ss works up the nerve to call wy, but she can't speak.

she now lives with her father's friend and his son zj. they move to the big city so zj's father can work. while moving ss can't find the piece of paper with wy's number on it.


sarNie Fansubber
Episode 1-2 (can't remember the events kind of blur together)

Years later, wy is the new CEO of his father's company. ss sellls pasta as a street vendor. ss's father's friend (ss calls him uncle) now works for wy's company. on his first day, wy fires ss's uncle. ss's uncle warns him about not giving others a second chance...some day it will come back to haunt him (can we say foreshadowing).

ss learns that her uncle has been fired and angrily goes to wy's company to take it up with the company's boss. wy happens to be in the lobby and orders ss to leave his company.

out for revenage the next day ss has not been successful in selling all of her pasta. so she happens to see wy's car parked outside of a restaurant. wy is there to meet his girlfriend xg. ss dumps her pasta on wy's car. this angers wy and he shoves her into his car to take her to the police.

ss warns wy that it'll be hard to remove the pasta if he does not clean the pasta off now. so wy gets his car washed and as ss points out washes away the evidence. wy annoyed that he has been outsmarted by ss decides to trick her into believing that he will punish her in another way...instead he drops her off on top of a mountain and leaves her there.