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Bophavdo, please upload the lakorns i requested to your site soon so i could see the price. Don't mean to rush you, but i want to order asap. :thumbsup: thanks.


sarNie Oldmaid
Does anybody know what site is selling "Rak Ter Took Wan" with Ken and Aom? I've been searching everywhere for it, Ntry and Mayura site don't have it up. I'm looking for a Mayura or Ntry version only. Please help thanks!

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Is it this or is this lakorn Song Rao Nirandon? if it is sells it, if not, sorry i couldn't find it.


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That's weird :scratchchin: The cover looks like Song Rao Nirund but the title "Snaeh Oun Krob Krea" is the Ntry title to Ruk Ter Took Wan.


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Thanks!! Well, I guess that is the one then. Ntry probably didn't know they had 2 lakorns together, yay thanks again Cupid and chubbycheeks!


sarNie Oldmaid
Ok, so I ordered it and it just came. And it is "Ruk Ter Took Wan" :) Currently watching it with my mom now. Thanks again!


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Does anyone know if "Pah Nang Sua I " was dubbed in khmer? If so, can you tell me where can I watch or buy it.
Thanks in advance.


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Does anyone have Sood Hua Jai?I really want to buy it but translated in Khmer..Its one of my favorites c4.jpg


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Thai Lakorn Mayura Dubbed Dvds for Sale:
Here is the list of lakorns that I have access to upon request. If you have questions about price, episodes per disc, and/or requests...please pm me...List is updated every week... =)

*Thai Boran*

-Wong Sawann *Boy & Aom*- 1-17End **

-Outhai Taywee *Chatree & Sinee Version*- 1-17End **

-Ritisan Neang Kongrey *Boy & Bee Matika*- 1-21End **


*I also offer Dvd Cases to hold all of your dvds for each series. It is an additional $3.*

-Bessdoung Sokala *Mos & Aom*- 1-16End **

-Kaev Pnake Bong *Tik J. & Cherry*- 1-18End **

-Boross Kompool Labech *Film & Janie*- 1-17End **

-Jomrok Sneah Jomrok Thea-sey *Chakrit & Joy*- 1-18End **

-Thisagaw Beysach *Por & Namfon*- 1-21End **

-Narook Jong Kroy *Pip & Earn K.*- 1-18End **

-Kane Dorng Tonley *Oil & Noon*- 1-26End **

-Lhong Ngao Jun*Stephan & Kob*- 1-23End **

-Love Strawberry*Tye & Yard*- 1-18End **

-Kuey Yai Sapai Lek*Tao & Ae*- 1-17End **

-Cheevit Neak Komsot*Pepper, Saranyu, Ploy & Phon*- 1-22End **

-Thabe Teeda Jomlache*Kelly & Namfon*- 1-23End **

-Thnorm Snaey*Ken & Ann*- 1-19End **

-Sarika Prort Bonkoang*Captain & Aom*- 1-12End **

-Lady Mcmahon*Tye & Paula*- 1-15End **

-Phnum Bongkorp Snaeyha Kynom*Chakrit & Janie*- 1-14End **

-Kone Prasah Bunyah Ka-ak*Willy & Benz*- 1-15End **

*Old Lakorns*
-Jomnong Adethacheat *Num & Ann*- 1-21End **

-Roy Snaeh Roy Labech *Tik & Aom *- 1-13End **

-Pope Pee *Tua Saranyu & Ann Sirium*- 1-21End **

-Neang Barb *Aum & Khem*- 1-19End **

-Cheam Kattiya *Tik J. & Aom*- 1-13End **

-Snaey Niron *Ken & Aom*- 1-17End **

-May Gong Kom Pool Snaey *Num & Tik Kanyarat*- 1-20End **

-Make Thmey *Por & Aum P.*- 1-12End **

-Snaeyha Kynom *Num & Janie*- 1-17End **

-Pruel Kraom Preah Chan *Film & Pat*- 1-15End **

-Beysach Snaeyha *Touch & Ning Version*- 1-22End **

-Tomnuion Duong Jet *Vee & Noon W.*- 1-16End **

-Bessdoung Kbal Dy Komplueng*Anas & Ae Issariya*- 1-15End **

-Chma Brawlah Por *Paul & Bua*- 1-15End **

-Ontheak Snaey *Pepper & Ann Alicia*- 1-12End **

-Vimean Maikala *Johnny & Kat English*- 1-16End **

-Pan Thai Norak Sing *Aom P. & *- 1-16End **

-Sai Lo Hid *Num & Kob*- 1-22End **

-Yatika *2nd part to Sai Lo Hid* *Dodo & Tik K.*- 1-29End **

-Karakade *Tik K. & ?*- 1-18End **

-Sila Manee *Ann S. & Dodo*- 1-30End **

-Neang La Ong Dao *Ann S. & O Warut*- 1-17End **

-Pteass Nopakeo *Chakrit & Benz*- 1-13End **

-Pteass Meas *Saranyu & Natharika*- 1-15End **

-Mon Pleang Snaey Sruk Sraiy *Saranyu & Natharika*- 1-23End **

-Pkai Pruk *Num & Kob*- 1-17End **

Chinese Series in Khmer Dvds for Sale:

-Condor Hero *Huang Xiao Ming & Liu Yi Fei*- 1-32End **
I'll add more from my collection when I have more free time!
Hi I’m looking to buy -Roy Snaeh Roy Labech *Tik & Aom *- 1-13End **. Please message me back with details. Thank you so much! I been looking for this movie forever.