Buppay Leh Ruk


the girl who plays aum's best friend is so cute. some girls hate on their friend, when a guy they like is interested in the friend, but she's ok. she still supports her best friend. thank goodness!


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THis lakorn so good. They so damn cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah. aum & por have the chemistry going on esp. in jit sangharn. i also like the second couple! they're really cute.

chi chi

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eppy 7 was good, Non finally catches his girlfriend back-stabbing him and tries to apologizes to Kaweta.


great lakorn. this is one of my fav. as of right now.
loove por and aump together. they are so cute together.
hope he will be more nice to her and trust her more than his girlfriend.
his girlfriend is so annoying. i like her better when she plays a nice role.


Ep. 9 was umm kind of weird in that Aum's wedding dress was falling off lol. I liked Por's confession of love to her though. That was sweeeetttttt.
haha yes it sure does bunni! thank u soo much! i cant wait to see! how long is it going to be until they get married?
well, it's airing this friday (27th) and well that's what i saw in the polyplus website preview but when i watched it on ch7 it didn't have the marriage part so i'm kinda confused. well, i'm not sure where to post this but well i have their song sorry if i posted this in the wrong place not sure if here or in media...cause media has all lakorns...

well, here's the link to 'chai-boopae-rueh-plao' by 'sarutya??? (not sure if that's right)