Buang rak - Pepper & Fang


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ok, i'm going to post the screencap and hope that somebody's going to provide a summary coz i'm not so good at writting
here the sc from eps.1


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thanks a lot for the screen cap..really like it a lot.....hope that u will continue...lol


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puffypie said:
thanks a lot for the screen cap..really like it a lot.....hope that u will continue...lol
yes of course i will continue ... i post it more when i've got new eps :)


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Oh my god ! WoOow so many capture hehe
thank for sharing
it'z pity that picture is not big
but it's okay :D
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Here's my summary

Basically, Fang (n'eak) lives with her mom and brother (Puri) and they are not rich. One day, the debt collector took Fang's mom sewing machie because her mom didnt have money to pay the debt. Fang then tries to find a job to help her mom get her sexing machine back in order for her mom to make a living. Fang receives a mail saying she got a job at Pepper's company. Her first day at her job as a phone operator didnt go well when she made a mistake when Pepper called her to direct a call back to his desk. Fang, not knowing who was Pepper nor his voice get fires by him. Terrified, she begs and cries for forgiveness but the hot-tempered p'eak shows no pity. Pepper's dad arrives in time to save her. He discovers that Fang is the daughter of his ex-gf, whom his parents wouldnt allow him to marry her. Still in love with Fang's mom, he re-hires Fang. Pepper gets furious and starts to hate on Fang. While Puri, Fang's brother works at the gym where Pepper's sister (May) goes too. They also are always at each other throat. As the movie goes on. Pepper's dad writes a will that Pepper has to marry Fang in order to receive his will. Okay this is just the juice of it..i dont wanna spoil it anymore..But trust me..this lakorn is very good..Pepper is hot and mean like Lah tree..enjoy!


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bopha... is there a way you can make the screen caps bigger? I am kind blind.. ehehehehe...

Here's a summary, fanatic wrote the jeist of it. Each epi is very short, only 40 mins long..

Epi. 4

The first day that Fang worked as a secretary for Pepper's dad, she bumped into Pepper and spilled tea on his shirt. Of course he threw a fit and yelled at her. Fang stalked him while he was changing his shirt in the bathroom. After Pepper left, she went in to the shirt and take it home to wash it for him.

She sneaked in his office early the next morning to return his clean shirt. Pepper happen to get in his office early and saw her in there. He started to question her what she was doing in his office and started to accuse of trying to steal something. Then he saw his shirt with a note on it. He made he explain why she did it. She told him that it was fault that his shirt was dirty so she need to responsible and fix it for him. Pepper had a slight smile on his face. When Fang left his office, he peeked out of his office to look at her and she looked up and saw him!

As Fang was heading home, Pepper's dad saw her and told her to get in the car and he'll take her home. Of couse, Pepper's mom's spy say Fang get in the car and went to report it to her. But he did not know where they went. Pepper's dad decided to take Fang out to dinner to wait for the traffic to dye down. But I think he's just wanting to know about Fang's mom, his ex-girlfriend that he really loved but was forced to get married to Pepper's mom.

Pepper was looking for Fang but pretended to look for his dad. He called his dad's chauffer to see where his dad went and the chauffer told him he was having dinner with Fang. Pepper was furious and followed them to the restaurant. When he got there, he accused Fang of maniuplating his dad and trying to go after his dad. Fang told him they were just having dinner. She excused herself to go home, and Pepper followed after her. He told her that his dad told him to take her home to make up for his rudeness a while ago.

On the way home, he told her she was a fool for believing him and that his dad did not tell him to take her home. He tried to make her tell him what was going on between her and his dad. Fang told him it was nothing, but he did not want to believe and so he speed the car to try to make her come clean about it. Fang threaten to jump out of the car in order for him to stop the car. She got out and went after her and notice that she was crying. He told her that someone like him will not fall for her tears.

The following day, after saving his dad from his mom, Pepper asked his dad to take Fang in order to prove something. So he mad Fang go this huge closet with several files from 20 years ago and sort it all in one day. When it was lunch time, he came by to see what she was doing. He asked her if she ate yet and she showed him her food canister saying it's a great money saver. Then he started doing small talk and asked her if she had a boyfriend. Fang said no and pepper turned away with a smile.


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epi 5 summary..

It was late in the afternoon and Fang is still sorting out the files in the big closet. Pepper's friend called him up to have a quick meeting with a potential client. Pepper told Fang to stay put and not go home until he comes back to verify the files.

Pepper's dad went back to the old neigborhood where Fang's mom lived to find their favorite restaurant and buy her favorite food. He made his chauffer hang the food on the fence and the chauffer made a loud noise so fang's mom would come out. She came out and Pepper's dad was able to see her standing there but she couldn't really see him. Pepper's mom spy saw all this and reported it to her.

Pepper's meeting took longer than he had expected and he did not get back to the office until almost 10 pm. He went to see if Fang was still around. She was not in the closet so he assume that she went home. Then he found her on the floor on the way out. He thought she was sleeping and called out her name to wake her up. Then he saw the paper in her hand fall out and her hands fell over. He got worried and carried her to hospital. At the hospital, the doctor told him that is fatigue due to her ulcer. She probably didn't get to eat in the proper time. Pepper felt bad.

Pepper went to work the next day looking for Fang. he made the secretary call her house and found out that she's not feeling well and taking a half day off. Puri was angry that they worked his sister too hard. Pepper's mom and May were plotting to go see Fang at her house. When they got to the house, mother and daughter were throwing fits and not believing Fang's mom that fang was not at home. Then Pepper's mom told Fang's mom that Fang is having an affair with her husband. Fang's mom didn't want to believe them. Fang's mom try to stop them from going into her house and Pepper's mom pushed her so hard she busted her head.

When Fang got into work, Pepper asked to see her. He went to check the files and see if it was sorted properly. He like what she did and wanted to reward her by taking her out to dinner. They went to nursery and Pepper wanted fang to pick out some flowers for something. She didn't know which one to pick and he toldher to pick the one that she liked. Then she saw this one purple flower that she really liked and he bought it for her in return for helping him pick out the flowers. while in the car, Pepper asked why girls always like flowers and Fang said it's like how men like money. Pepper thought she was insulting him. She said that she always hear him talk about money. he said it's only or business. Then seh asked him what does he like. He said he doesn't know. Fang said it's whatever makes you happy. Then Pepper said, then I guess I like you. Fang was all blushing.

The mother and daughter went to the office to look for Fang. Of course they threw a fit and Pepper's dad couldn't really stopped them. But Pepper and Fang already left.

Pepper and fang went to have a nice dinner. They were just being cute to each other. She was eating cake and got it on her nose and Pepper wiped it off with his hands and then when he was drinking coffee, he got soem on his upper lip and she wiped it off for him. Pepper dropped her off at home and while she was about to take her seat belt off he reached for her hand and helped her.

When Fang went into the house, she saw the bandage on her mom's head. Fang's mom was telling Fang that she was diappointed in her daughter for having an affair with a man that already had a wife. Fang explained to her mom that nothing is going on and she was jsut with Tanin's son. Fang's mom made her repeat Pepper's dad full name. She knew it must be her ex-lover.