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Discussion in 'Thai' started by 2cute2care, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. 2cute2care

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  2. noungning

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    It's about her being ready to divorce fluke, after she found out from the media that he came out to say that he is seeing pang.
  3. Mae

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    Who's Fluke seeing? Pang who?
  4. [[LiDooL_aNjOoL]]

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    ^ didnt Bo and Fluke already divorce like ages ago ? but they just kept it quiet until just recently that they revealed the truth and opened up to talk shows and interviewsss
  5. AmmatureKikyo

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    That is just sooo sad. Bow is much more prettier than Pang..that girl looks like a rat with that big puffy looks like she didn't get enough sleep or something..wat a homewrecker...

    Hey, Fluke and her is starting in this one new movie together with Mos's call "The secret of superstars"...
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  6. 2cute2care

    2cute2care sarNie Juvenile

    i think they are spearated but not divorce just yet,
    but i have noticed something, when ever bow talks about fluke she always regards him highly, she must still love him still, sad
  7. Cookie_King1970

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    What goes around, comes around? Before they were married Bow stole Fluke from someone I forget her name but she the girl who played in Sai Pai Jao as Vicky older sister and Bow was pregant that they were to get married. When they asked the girl, are you hurt? She said may it's not destiny for her and Fluke to be together. She wishes all the best for Fluke and she also said, there always another fish in the ocean. But at that time I saw her was almost cried but still smiles. An the interviewer said, if it her she will not let him go that easy. The girl said if he really loves me, nothing can trick him but maybe her loves is not in for him something like that. I saw this on see san buntherng a long time ago. So Bow deserved that now.
  8. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    no bow and fluke never divorced. they lived together because of their son, and never admitted to the public/media that anything was wrong with their relationship until media kept on nagging him... and until sor 7, a writer, wrote about their lives... and people kept on questioning what really happened and he finally broke out and admitted, they separated for about 2 years already, but they are still together for their kid. bow is trying to have hope, even if fluke's had plenty of rumors with various girls... but she just played the i didn't hear anything act... but finally came out to wave her white flag when fluke came out to the public that he is officially seeing pang, puri's ex gf.

    i agree to someone's comment hahha she looks like a rat... but i think she looks like a donkey hahahaha :lol:

    yes, bow stole fluke from Thookatha... she always plays as a narng rai.

    but fluke was also rumored to seeing bow's older sister before he started seeing bow also... hence why there are many paparazzi shots of him bringing her shopping and hitting the body spas :rolleyes:
  9. whiterose81

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    Never thought Fluke was that kind of guy!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mainhiathao

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    awwww...bad fluke....sad...
  11. Maya_Fantasy

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    Fluke has always been a player, he even admitted that he's a player, he love girls, so it's no surprised that his marriage didn't last. I'm just surprised it last this long.
  12. [[LiDooL_aNjOoL]]

    [[LiDooL_aNjOoL]] sarNie Elites

    huh ? how come in the interviews that i've seen.. he admits and tells the hosts and audiences that he "has already divorced with Bo" .. thats why he lives in his condo and Bo & n`Achi lives in their house near his school ?
    and .. how he sees Achi when they are both free .. and n`Achi knows how his parents aren't together anymore

    he actually said that they divorced ages ago.. about the start of their marriage .. and he even says how this fortune teller said if they want the marriage to last then they need/should divorce and re-marry again (officially with papers) .. he regrets not doing that and listen incase it would of made a difference.. especially for n`Achi

    one of the shows was "3 Noom 3 Moom Tonight" with Kob, Tang, Mos ( first episode )

    you can tell that they both really care for n`Achi ..

    Fluke even told them that its been 2 years since the official divorce .. and his been very lonely and stuff
    and had just recently opened up for new love .. ( eg. Pang Ornjira ;; i seriously see nothing good in her looks -_- )

    im pretty sure that they "have divorced" already.. ^_^
  13. uNkNoWnChIcC

    uNkNoWnChIcC sarNie Egg

    does anyone have a pix of thookatha and bo!
  14. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    i don't know then because the recent news i've been reading said bo just came out to give up and willing to move forward and divorce because fluke chose pang.

    i read his interviews also and he said they legally separated for 2 years or so however they haven't signed any papers for the sake of their son. they didn't want to part because of their son, that's why it was never made official and broadcasted.

    but if they were divorced, rather than separated, wouldn't the press know faster that way, don't you think? because if it was a legal divorce, those papers will be in the hands of the press in no time.

    but, that's where i read the news from. but if you say u heard him say it on a talk show, then i guess that's what it is. but pang is still being labeled as a home wrecker because they were not technically broken up until she came into the picture and pouted in public of such an idiot she is for being blinded by 'love'
  15. Jieb_Lover

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    Bow? As the girl in Yuktharn w/ Rita, Rome, Mart and Noon???
  16. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    the one that works in their company..the straight hair one or curly hair one..
  17. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    no Bo, the one that used to host At10
  18. What exactly happened what was the reason of the separation? Are they still legally married or divorced already?
    P.S. I am not thai so i cannot read thai seems like this news was ages ago but i am just curious as to why the marriage didn’t last.
  19. preetam

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    Wow ! This thread is 10 years old tho
  20. byebye

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    Time flies doesn't it?

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