Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)


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i hope this lakon is doing well in thailand because the plot is very very good. this lakon is top 3 for me in 2008.


omfg. i just watched the show ahhhhhh i love it hehehehe aww looks like about all the cast members are taken ahhaha xcept Ah Peng omfg tui is just like my little brother. ahhahahaha


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFF TAKSAOM! Today is she 28 year old, but ever very charming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm finally done watching ep 10! ^_^

so excited to see the next episode! I really feel sorry for ah-la... :( her husband is still cheating on her... <_<

HAPPY 28th B-DAY AFF!! :wub:


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You know for 28 Aff doesn't look her age...she looks younger...If I didn't know it I would say she was at the most 25 years old or even younger...she is lovely...Happy B-day Aff.


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Happy Birthday Aff!!~!

I love Botun Greep Sood Tai very much.
It's a wonderful lakorn, including many different kind of love.
I like the way Ah-Joo like Tanyong.
Ah-Joo Protects and guides Tanyong, also helps her famaily.
To see Tanyong misunderstand Ah-Joo will make me sad.



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i can't believe that this is ending next week. :lmao: i love all the cute ateam scenes. :wub:


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muahaha. they almost touch lips today, AH YONG got embarrassed and went back to hide. :wub: she's so cute.
the next morning, they felt even more awkward toward one another .. :loool:

OH NO! she found out the truth by reading his bgst script. :(


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it was cute when their lips touch.

argh the father! no further comment.

i guess this is the turning point where everybody knows who Ah-Joo really is.


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did he see her standing behind the door? i think he did.

i feel so bad for Ah-Yong. :lmao: i hope Ah-Nan knows and help straighten things out.


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^ah nan was looking at how ah yong reacted. she probably in puzzle and curious about it.

dang, this is the TURNING POINT for everyone ..
Even Ah Ping got caught, now i feel terrible for him :( ..
more heartache for DALA :lmao: