Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Egg
T-ser 2 was still be crazy n' scary scene
they didn't let us see some sweet scenes though 555

thx clubArtichart@Pantip for the pic....
i just bring in case someone might want to get these for create the signature


Professional Lakorn Watcher
I am so gonna love Anne in here... loved her crazy parts in Rang Ngao. Anne is the best in her craft!!!!


i heard they said that this would air on january 1st?! omg i saw the 2nd teaser and all i have to say is wow that was so that part where he cuts the picture and stuff my mom didnt even recognize aum on the screen with his disfigured face and stuff...woot woot cant wait for this to air


sarNie Egg
cute Aum&Anne for

P' beautiful ^^

P'Aum...handsome look

both hot!!