Boran Lakorn Collaboration mv

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
HI all! Since summer is ending, I've decided to host a boran lakorn collaboration video under Sweet Thai Boran Forum account. Please feel free to sign up if you want, however, please note that the due date is Sep 2, 2016, so please sign up only if you are for sure that you'll be able to submit your parts by that date.

The theme of this video is pretty open. Just show scenes of couples being together; or sad; or silly scenes, whatever as long as they're lovers.

Please Choose 1-2 parts and list out the couple that you will be using and we will sign you up for that part.
-Boran Lakorns only. Lakorns like Peun Paeng and Reun Kalong are acceptable. :)
-No repeated couples (unless you have chosen that couple as your first already then you can reuse them in your 2nd part); repeated actors/actresses acceptable
-No logos, please try to crop them out. If not, let me know and we can work out something.
-No water mark effects
-Please add 1 sec at beginning and ending of your part(s)
-Have Fun :)

Feel free to message me on here or at the forum. Thanks. :)
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