Is Boa overrated?

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sarNie Egg
i didnt know she was mixed .. i thuoght she was just korean but learned japanese .. but she's waaaay over rated ... i never liked the girl .. her singing isnt bad and dancing come on it's her choreographer .. i can do that too .. hahah so she's like a britney spear to me .. uug

True, she is not mix, but learned JApanese and English when she was in fifth grade. I love her musics and i think she us not overrated at all.


sarNie Juvenile
personaly i like namie amuro more but thats cause im a huge fan of namie but i think boa is pretty good but still over rated


sarNie Egg
oh yes she isss. A few good songs sure, but her other songs aren't very good. I esp. get annoyed when she sings mando songs...i mean, yes she can try to sing other languages, (multi-cultural blah blah) but please do it correctly? i know shes trying to get jap fans, chinese fans and krn fans...but she should just focus on her own culture first


Staff member
lol.. my sis is like a total fan of Boa.. xp .. but im not really her fan.. she is good though.. overated.. i would say yes but .. no because atm.. u dont really hear bout her animore.. she'll have like only a few singles released ..