Black Friday Stories


sarNie Egg
Anybody care to share their Black Friday story :)? I've never really shop on black Friday before so I don't really know how it's like, other than what's been reported via the news.


I'm not American but we started having Black Friday here to compete with American retailers. So far, I've not heard of any bad incidents. We do have a Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas sales and it can get pretty bad, I've heard of the usual rowdy crowd stories to people looting and even shootings. It's so not worth it to risk getting hurt over a sale, and this is coming from a shopaholic. :facepalm:

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I'm Canadian, theres only Boxing Day for me. The prices aren't really that cheap nor do i find that i save much. I buy expensive clothes anyways.


sarNie Oldmaid
Did you hear about this crazy lady that mazed people to get an xbox 360...people these days. Some have even died from black friday.

I find it funny that people are greedy and pushing eachother for stuff exactly one day after Thanksgiving(a day to be greatful for what you have) lol.

Well my brother went to Target and got a big flat screen for only $300, it's usually about $600+
My cousins camped out a night in advance in front of Best Buy, and they got 2 big tvs, 3 ps3, and some games.
My mom's boss told her that some monks went to black friday and got laptops LMAO!
this was my first black friday in my 27 years of my life... I had no intention of going because i didnt need anything until my sister called and said she wanted a laptop from Best Buy so trying to mend our relationship I offered to go... She just had a kid so she couldnt go anywhere... anyways i didnt show up to best buy until 6 hours before the opening on midnite. we were probly the 250 to 300 people there... We stood next to 5 guys and a chick who played the stoopidiest games and talked about smacks of those people who drove by. The group of people reminded us of The BIG BANG THEORY minus the genius thinking... The group of people were driving us and the other people insane with their stoopid game of calling names and describing people and etc... 15 minutes until best buy was open the workers and police people announce they were giving out vouchers to items in the store. by the time they got to us, there was nothing left. Best buy made the rules that people can only use 1 voucher at the checkstand. I swear people in the front were taking vouchers left and right being inconsiderate. We saw 3 older woman selling their vouchers to people at the every end of the line and later the police took their vouchers. lol...
Finally, when the store opened people who refused to get into the line were cutting through the gated entrance and some lady got pissed and told the cops. cops actually went into to escort them out and those who did not wait... it was very interesting... but after this experience, I really dont like a certain group of people beacuse of their stoopidity. Yes, i admit I am being wrong by judging people, but standing next to these people for 6 hours straight can drive you off the wall.. Sadly, i didnt get the laptop but since we waited for 6 hours next to some dumb people I just got a new statosphere phone for free and upgraded my phone. Me and my boyfriend was gonna buy the stratosphere phones a few days ago before black friday and the lady who was helping us thought we were brother and sister. She told us that we should wait until black friday because the phone would be FREE... she gave my boyfriend her name and number and told him she would help us when black friday came around. I just laughed and said, i was suprise we passed for brother and sister. thats my story... hahaha... no more black friday for me...


lol ditto to the above comments. i went to my first black friday and DID NOT find myself saving much. overall, it's not worth waiting in line in the cold for hours or waking up at midnight to make it to black friday.


Expired Sarnie
A few years back we went to WalMart, scariest place to shop on black Friday. But we saved a lot. It just depends on what you want to buy.if you buy clothes, the prices remain the same or it is just a regular sale.

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sarNie Oldmaid
First time I ever went shopping black friday this year...went to walmart and heck it was scary and hectic. Place was packed and people everywhere...specially everyone having their own cart it was hard to get around.

LOL I heard one of the workers who was opening the plastic wraps around the things told the other one "Just open it, and run..." LOLXD

When it came to the digital cameras on sale though things got ugly. I'm glad I wasn't there to fight for it, but my friend was and he got elbowed and scratched. Damn people can get so crazy over things. First time going Black Friday and make it my last. LOLXD