Bla Boo Tong 2009 Photos of new pra'ek and nang'ek!!


sarNie Adult
what!!!??? r u for reals that this is the real pra'ek of the new bla boo tong? c'mon tell me is it true or are u just playing around? if it's true then i would be so happy and would watch it...


sarNie Adult
i hate how they gave nott long hair in the back. man this isnt chinese movie here enough with the long hair shit. and that thing they wear around thier forehead jesus! how come that wierd looking dude has normal hair but nott have long hair? and that wierd thing around his forehead? make no sense these boran directors these days.


sarNie Egg
What i don't understand is why give these newbies major roles?
give them u know supporting roles and slowly expands so there acting gets better
and we have time to adjust to them
we have aont,phone,james,au,yam ( i think she in modern lakorn now--she n'ek in this new lakorn!), aom, fon
i mean seriously u have these talented actor, actress
and u push them to the side.
And what up with the long hair?
uggh what happen to lakorn like thep sarm rudoo??? and stuff?
anywayy i think yam in modern lakorn because of this.


sarNie Elites
i didn't read all the posts yet, but they changed the pra ek to nott? wow. lol feel bad for the ugly dude.