Bird Box (Drama/Thriller 2018)

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    I had watched the movies - Hush (can't hear) & A Quiet Place (can't talk) before, now I will watch Bird Box (can't look) :D. Bird Box is similar to A Quiet Place on how a parent or parents will do anything to keep their children safe.


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    Hi @Ms.Zoe! I haven’t seen you around in a Longg time! Hope all is well!:)

    Man, I still need to watch A Quiet Place, my niece recommended it to me but I haven’t gotten around to seeing it! And I’m kind of afraid lolll watching it by myself after seeing the trailer..

    SB is a great actress and the trailer ! If I saw my worst fears come to life before my eyes, snapsss, that’d be horrible!
  3. Ms.Zoe

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    Hi @maimyang,

    A Quiet Place isn't scary than this movie Birdbox. IMO Bb is much deeper than AQP in many aspects. The ending left me surprised & wondered will there be ways to stop people from seeing their worst fears.

    Watch both movies so we can discuss :). Btw have you read my comment in Unsane movie thread?
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    Yes! I read your comment for Unsane. I agree with what you wrote! I didn’t like the ending and it sucks to know she’ll never truly be free of that guy. I’ve never been stalked before but it must be truly scary and terrifying ! Do you think that for those who are going through or have been stalked, it’ll forever affect their lives, or they’ll eventually forget the experience?? Maybe even after 6 months have gone by, or however many years, Sawyer will always remember, and what she went through will be a part of her because it was so terrifying and left a mark? Maybe that is what the ending is trying to get at? What do you think? Also, I don’t remember! After Sawyer stabbed David and kills him, do the police come to the scene??? If it doesn’t show that part,, what if David isn’t dead!??? What if he really did “come back from the dead” and there’s a part 2.
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    maimyang look how they burst for uu. ♡

    I also began watching BB with my family on Saturday — it is very good! I didn’t get a chance to finish it though because I left early.. can’t wait to see how it ends and hopefully it isn’t a sad one:sad6:
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    maimyang look how they burst for uu. ♡

    I’m at the part where Malorie asks both kids “who will look?? I get to decide who’ll look.” In the boat. Both kids are so cute and each says that they will look.

    Also, have you seen the movie The Boy? We watched The Boy before BB and damnnn, the ending!!! I was Not expecting That!! Haha I was creeped out by that voice especially!
  7. maimyang

    maimyang look how they burst for uu. ♡

    Didn’t know The Boy is a 2016 film..

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