Bio Booster Armour Guyver


sarNie Egg
Has anybody seen the new anime thats currently airing in japan? I've seen pictures on the new ones and they do look better than the old verisons


sarNie Adult
Yea I've been watching it. The new animation isn't top of the line but it works good enough. Much more clean and nice to look at.

There's a fansub group subbing it but they're a bit slow. They've done only 6 episodes.. I'm waiting for more episodes :)

This one is going to be really cool.


sarNie Egg
yah like guyver thats the best first anime i saw...
guyver hecka cool....i saw the new version too...but on dvd...
but i think io like the older version better....


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my cuz is a freak well grew up watchin these shows.. kekeke .. n luvs the series.. xp.. i think its ok..