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I think Best is aite.. but she needs lots of improving.
Toey too but she's quite decent xp..


I think both girls are robotic actresses.
They should stick with modeling.
I have to agree. It's too bad. They're both very cute. The worse out of the 2 is probably Best though. If it wasn't for Captain, Bee & Mos being in the lakorn with her, I would have dropped that lakorn at ep. 1.


sarNie Adult
best vs toey of course toey gonna win because she have more lakorn, photo shoot and mv. best just have one mv, one lakorn, one movie, and maybe little photo shoot. i like both girl, but if i have to choose i would choose best because i think she is cuter than toey. i have to agree with her first lakorn she act like a robot and i know she need lots of improvement.


sarNie Adult
My vote goes to Best because she is cuter than Toey and even if her acting was very bad she has something who makes me like her.


I favor this two newbies, though I can't say one is better than the other. Though we see more of Toey then Best, it doesn't meaning that she is actually better or anything. Toey is cute and adorable in her only little way, while Best is cute and adorable in her only little way too.

If we compare their lakorns, LBF & KLKS, we can't really say that their acting was all that great, cuz it's just their first time and some first timer sucks for their first time. Best character in KLKS was pretty boring, and she was just plain neutral throughout the whole lakorn, but I actually that it suited her, though the other characters in there out shined her but i still thought it was okay. He acting was kinda robotic cuz her character was neutral all the time. Best is a cute girl who is pretty new to the industry, she just need to work with bring in her emotions and thoughts clearly then it will be good. But in order to do this shouldn't Exact give her some more chances to show us what she is really made of. But I'm kinda scared since it looks like her next lakorn will be with another robotic Pr'ek. I'm just hoping the best for this girl, bcuz I can see potential in her.

Toey playing LBF 1 & 2 doesn't mean she has more lakorns, it's just she's playing one lakorn, but just part 2 of it. Her character in LBF suited her as I see, though at times I couldn't really find it that emotional, but maybe it was that the script was to teenage life style, bcuz they get mad over little things that are unrealistic and stupid. But maybe it was just the plot. Toey just need more strength to her meaning when she says things, like she needs to make her adorable little face to go with her body and motion (same goes to Best too). I hope she can do so in her next upcoming lakorn too, since it's going to be those twisted lakorn type drama.

Yeah we see more of Toey in like magazine and MVs, but it's not like we never see Best in it at all too. If we have to say, we actually see about the same amount of things between each girl. Toey got more MV to play, but Best still has more than two too. Toey pops out in magazine, but if we flip the pages we see Best too. Both girls are still new, we can't really expect much of them. But I adore both and hope they can improve much much more and show us what they are really made of.