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Expired Sarnie
Aum and Aff- great chemistry, average lakorn
Ken and Toey- cute chemisty, so-so lakorn
Boy and Margie- super great chemistry, awesome lakorn
Barry and Yaya- awesome chemistry, so-so lakorn
Pope and Chalida- adorable chemistry, decent lakorn


sarNie Juvenile
I already know Barry & Yaya are gonna win. I haven't seen "Game Rai Game Rak" but I voted for them anyway because their on-screen chemistry is awesome! I also voted for Ploy & Dome, Toey & Ken, and Mint C. & Pope Thanawat. Oh yeah.


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Bargie, Yadech, Mint-Pope, Dome-Ploy, Om-Min, Ateam, Gilly, Kan-Cheer, and Ken-Toey !!!
I don't think Porshe and Chat should be on the list because their Lakorn hasn't begun yet.
If Salan and Chalex was on the list as well, I'll vote for them too. lol


sarNie Tombstone
My vote goes to
Nadech and Yaya - GRGR can't resist watching this pair I'll get an heart attack if I didn't get to watch them
Ken and Toey - they are best match pair from heaven
Ateam Roy Mai - I cried when there is a sad scene of them
Dome and Ploy 'Love Never Dies' - this ex-lover did a amazing job
Markim - they seem to be a boring pair but turn out cute
Pope with both of the 2 Mint
Bargie Roy Marn - too adorable

I shall add these that is not on the list yet
Rome and Chompoo Mia Taeng - this is like another part of Yadech team their chemistry is
heating up :heart: :heart:

Por T and Chompoo TYLS - their 1st lakorn and its already entertaining :dance3:


sarNie Juvenile
i don't know.. but i love mark and yaya's chemistry.. they are just so perfect together.


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So many cute couples! (And so many threads like this one...)

If I only had to vote once, Gilly (Guy x Vill) gets my vote hehehe. :wub:

Thank goodness I can vote for more than one couple. My votes go to Gilly, Pong & Vill, Tar & Grand, Boy & Margie, and Dome & Ploy. :spin: :cloud9:


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Here mine vote...

1. Gilly
2. Markim
3. A Team
4. RC Team (They should be in here too well just my thought hehehe)
5. KA Team (one of my top couples ever but sadly no lakorn of them in da year of 2011-2012)
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