Benz & Tangmo


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they looks like sister .. they can play sister in lakorn (only if they're in the same channel lol)


sarNie Adult
Awww they look great together and Tangmoe looks really different


sarNie Juvenile
i didn't recognize Tangmo in the cover shot. She looks really different. Very pretty pics. Benz looks great.


sarNie Egg
That does NOT look like Tangmo in the cover. She looks so different and sometimes it's hard to recognize her. I missed her old look altho she is still quite pretty.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
wow. indeed very nice&&gorgeous :D
Agree! i didn't even really recognize Tangmo on the first photo of hers. lol
the ice cream looks delicious! XP


sarNie Adult
both of them look so pretty...tangmo look so different in the photoshoot. I couldnt even recognized her even though i tried looking closely...really beautiful...


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was tangmo really not that recognizable? lol..
hmmm i guess i was able to tell it was her since i love her so much lol.. hehe..
this shoot looks very nice..
they look so cute..


sarNie Juvenile
the first picha didn't realli look like tangmo...
but i like the sixth picha...
it looks like her...
she's pretty...