benz and Chakrit lakorn


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I was just wondering what lakorns did they play together because I never watched any of theirs before. Could you guys give me a summary of the lakorn


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Ruen Noppagow was about this house that is haunted. I forgot who it was that can see the ghosts..I think it was Benz.

La Mai Nut...the storyline is burry to me cuz i saw it so long ago..but i think it had something to do with Chakrit being blamed for something and i think he went to jail for it...


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Ruen Nopakao

This movie storyline involves the past and the present. Kwang Kamolchanook was married to Num Suntisook who was a highly acknowleged Khun. He loved Kamolchanook but she had someone she loved already. Num Suntisook gave her a ring that had ninc stone or something like that and the house that they lived in was named for Suntisook's love (Kwang). The house is called Nopakao.

In the present time Benz's aunt and Chakrit's uncle want them to stay at the house becuase their grandma was very sick and I guess if one made her please they would get the wealth.

The house is known to be haunted by spirits. Kwang spirit roams the house because she has unfinished business. The grandma knows and talks to Kwangs's spirit.

Anyway they both end up coming to stay at the house and Benz is afraid of ghosts. Chakrit and herself begin to like one another and Kwang at one point takes over Benz's body.

To make it short, Kwang is looking for the ring that Num Suntisook gave to her becuase she gave it to the love of her life but he was already happily married and tried to have a secret relationship with her. This made Num Suntisook dislike her and she ended up having a relationship with the help in the house. So i guess she felt she owed it to him to return the ring.

So Benz and Chakrit help her find the ring and after many problems and misunderstandings they find the ring and Kwang goes to peace and meets Suntisook who already forgave her long ago and Benz and Chakrit fall in love. In the end he asks her to marry him and they have a kid together.

& as for La Mai Nut
I really like this lakorn it like chinese series because of the storyline is a light-hearted yet though-provoking approach to a complicated story of the conflicts of love, career, family and friendships.... chakrit did everyone for his brother he lays down his life for his brother....even went to jail for something that his did attempts...& losing benz was the harder..benz & chakrit has great chemistry they seemed so perfect for each other.. " chakrit may never had told benz that he loved her but his actions spoke louder than words & the way he look at her...there was a spark between them :D god! i only wish they has more scene together


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wow... i never knew they starred together... thanks !
and thank you for the summary!!! ^^


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i love benz and chakriti together, in La Mai Nut, they were just good friend it was a great chemistry. but deep down u can tell that they really loved each other. i wsih that they would pair-up again :D


both lakorn are good...Chakrit is so darn cute in both too...made me a Benz was cute too


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How long ago was Ruen Nopakao? The title sounds so familar, but when i read the summary, OMG its like a new lakorn i have to see. LOL If it's really old, im not sure if il be able to still rent it. If its farely recent, i might still have a chance to see it. :D The thing is, im not really a big fan of Benz, but i love Chakrit. Any pics of the lakorn?


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I never knew they had two lakorns i only watch the one where he does to jail 4 his bro...


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could you give me a summary of what happen in the lakorn


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i wanna see La Mai Nut!!
I don't know if you saw these 2 lakorns, Lai Manut and Reun Nop-pa-kao, with Benz. Khun Euangsai have uploaded them in Youtube but in Thai.

Krit was very goodlooking in both. Don't miss them if you're a real fan of Krit.


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i love both of the lakorn :wub: i want to see them again since it has been a while. gosh i have seen both lakorn so many times that i forgotten how many time i saw it.