Bee Namthip & Kelly


sarNie Hatchling
wow i cant believe they would cute together i miss kelly i wish kelly and bee would have a lakorn together


sarNie Egg
gross.. they do NOT look good together. bee is so much hotter!!! that guy (kelly?) is not hot at all!!!!!!! yuck...bee can do soooo much better!!!!! i feel bad for her.. she must have low self esteem to get such a yucky guy


Bee is pretty,but she looked different from the last time i saw her in talay rissaya with Tong.

I thought this was just a photoshoot for magazine only. Are u sure that shes dating him?


sarNie Adult
They look cute together.

I want to see Kelly in more lakorns....especially with Benz again. Their last lakorn was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarNie Juvenile
i find them a very cute couple. i really like kelly's haircut. it looks very hot on him.