Barry Nadech and Yaya Urassaya (IMAGE vol. 25 no. 12 December 2012)


Official Chalida&Monchanok Stalker
tthis is a definitely hot cover..thanks for the update
cant wait to see the inside


sarNie Adult
can't wait to see their inside photo. The cover looks amazing.


sarNie Coma
Oh my another photoshoot. These two are always together although they aren't starring in the same Lakorn :) I'm excited to see the inside shoot


sarNie Juvenile
it's not a nice cover at all, low quantity, I hope to see more inside pics, cuz seriously though the bts pics were ugly


Expired Sarnie
The quality is bad. It seems like it was some cheap photoshoot. Hopefully the inside will be much better.


sarNie Juvenile
LOL is it a cheap photoshoot? It was taken in Bali, and taken by a famous photographer, the same one who took pics for CH3 calendar this year

but man this year's calendar looks cheap too, maybe this one is also cheap LOL


Expired Sarnie
That is sad to hear then. To me it looks cheap (definition of cheap in my context: achieved with little effort). Yadech is not the problem, they can only do so much. The photographer should put in some effort to make the photo appear better especially if they are a professional. If this is it, I can call my 5 year old nephew a professional and talented photographer too. The picture is not bad for someone who is an amateur.


sarNie Juvenile
LOL the crew working for this photoshoot is not "if professional" they are professional lol but it's the cover maybe the inside pics are better


Live Love Laugh
Somehow I had a feeling this might not be the final product. Just like channel 3 calendar, I saw so many versions and was quite disappointed until the final product came out and they were quite nice actually.

The color of this cover reminded me of the old time when photo shoots were not filtered or too overly photo shopped.

Thanks, Candy for sharing.


sarNie Juvenile
wow..yaya is very beautiful in this shoot..they look so good together..if they really are a couple in real life..i would believe it for sure..


Hrmmm tbh I don't like the covers ! But whoooooaaaa the inside pics blew me away ! I ESP love the one where they are holding hands and walking ! They look like a couple on their honeymoon one of my fav shoots from Yadech ! I also like the one where their lips are almost touching ! Yaya is in control in that pic ! Wowww ! Lol Whooaaaaa ! I also love the colors ! Yaya IS exotically beauiful <3