Bangkok Traffic Love Story


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i second that i'm praying for subs..

i'm reallie excited bout the movie but i hope there's more to it than just a lonely girl finding a hot guy who works at night...somehow i feel tat Ken's character is gonna have some mystery behind him...tat's why he works such an odd job..


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I fell in love with this movie already! After watching the trailer i just want to watch the movie! It looks very cute and speaking of cute both actors look cute! Ken just made me fall in love again!! :wub: Can't wait to watch it!!


Mama Noy ♥️
WHA....?! Ken's having a movie out!?! Deng....!! I am sooo behind on my Ken news! :lmao:


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I just watched it and it was so good!!!! :wub: I fell in love with that movie! Ken was so handsome!!! I wish i could find a guy as good looking as Ken!!!! I fell in love him again! Chris is so lucky to have act with him!!!! :blush:

Spoiler!!! Don't read if you don't want to know what goes on in the movie!

Cris was an great actress! It was funny and i fell in love with it!! When she first met Ken during her car accident it was just to funny! She gave him her side view mirror that broke off as a gift for helping her!! :lol: Also loved how his name is uncle! She was like this guys crazy who would be called uncle! And her Boss was just great I love how he doesn't speak clear Thai and how she always get into trouble but is never fired by him! ANd his walk it's just hilarious! I loved the part where she saw him enter the train and looked for him it was just cute! She was like will he think i'm stalking him! :lol:

One more thing Aff is in this movie too!! She's his Ex girl friend!! :mellow: I was kind of shock that she was but it was okay! I still love that fact that it brought her and him together! :lol:

And don't forget the Songkran festival! It looked so fun! If i could do that I would go to Thailand every year for just that!! That was such a cute part in the movie! Love how she gave him the little gun and took his to shoot the little kids that threw water at her!!

Also the movie is shown with subbs!!! Which made it even more enjoyable for non Thai speakers!! This movie over all was enjoyable! I loved and cris did a great job of a lonely 30 year old who wants someone to love her! If I saw Ken I would never let him go if he like me!! But lets leave it up to fate! I think that was what brought them together! The end was cute i love how she was just filled with emotions when he called her!



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wow! you are so lucky jin! are you a thai or a foreigner living in thailand?
i wanna watch this too!!! but i'm so far away :(


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does anyone know where to go see this with eng sub????????


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LOL that's funny. XD Aff as the ex-gf. tsk tsk. Brings back the Jai Rao days.. LMAO.

Would you mind sending me the link as well na kha? I really wanna watch it. Thanks!


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yall know how she was screaming and way excited in the beginning...damn i have several similar experiences as i'm sure WE all do lol...but anywho thats what i did when ken popped in...OMAGAH I'M WAAAY EXCITED TO SEE THIS. too bad we have to wait until forever unless someone bootlegged it hahaha.
damn i'm getting close to 30...i feel your pain girl i feel it :unsure: :lol:

i so dont like the english title..i saw this thread a while ago and didnt pay attention to it cause it didnt click to me that this was rot fai faa maa haa na ter


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so i just got back from the thai video store/rental place and i asked the lady if she has rot fai faa maa haa na ter and she said she's going to get it in DECEMBER!!! OMAGAHHHHH december is NOT that far away i'm way excited!!! i hope shes not lying lol.
if she does get it in durring that time and no one has uploaded it then i'll upload it for you all...i'm not going to sub it though sorry...maybe someone else will sub it. BETTER YET MAYBE IT WILL ALREADY HAVE SUBS!? lmao
i'm going to call that lady everyday in december until she has it hahahaha


sarNie Egg
Man, I so want to watch this movie!
do you guys know the link to watch this in english sub?
it'll really make my day!
watching the trailer, I think it's going to be a GREAT movie! ^_^