ban lung mek the musical remake


SarNie Adult
ah does enywun know when this lakorn is gonna air i missed the old version here's a preview of the lakorn :rolleyes:

it's not a is just a stage play...but i heard it used to be a lakorn back then...but now they remake as a musical on stage only...but i hope they had it on dvd too so i can watch it...really want to see because bie is in it...

and i guess oct 27 is the first day they will be playing in thailand...


sarNie Juvenile
i hope they will have it out on dvd too!!! i really want to see this. Bie look so cute and i cant believe that Jason Young is in this stage musical :yahoo: haven seen or heard of him in a very long time but he still look the same B) wonder what jason is up to after this musical???


sarNie Elites
Musical lakorn? I did not like Bie at first, but now I really really like him! I am looking forward to this lakorn! Hopefully it is a musical lakorn because I LOVE musical lakorns!

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
We won't get to see it because it is a stage musical lakorn. You'll have to buy tickets to go see it.


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im suddenly having this bie obsession right now, and i found ban lang mek. OMG. I WANNA WATCH!! y cant they play it duing the summers?!?! then i can fly back to thailand to watch!!

*CRIES* he's so cute!!! (esp, in this cute and naive role)....


Just plain obsessed
Does anyone know what the story is about? Like, have a full summary? I know that Bie dies in this, but I wanna know the story, since I can't watch it.