Baifern Pimchanok (MARS vol. 13 no. 155 September 2015)


sarNie Adult
Oh GOD. I dreamt of Baifern last night because of this. This is not a good sign (for me).  :pervie:  :no:  :eyetwitch:


sarNie Adult
aymieluvsyu637 said:
wowzers MARS magazine shoots are soo seductive. I noticed they like the messy "bedhair" hairdo too. Baifern is hot!!
Lol my hair is never that good looking when I get out of bed, I either look like I'm having a hangover(I don't drink) or like I've been up and running all night. I hate how magazines make their hair look so good and then I look at mine. Anyways Fern does a lot of sexy shoots but I've never seen her take on any of those roles, really wish someday I'll be able to see her playing full time n'ek like Sammy.