Badarn Jai(Act Art)


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lol.. thanks for the clip ceci.. hehe aum is so hot.. with his tank muahaha... margie is so kute... lol... they look so playful hehe xp..
the clip is funny too b/c Margie seem ticklish and also tell Aum not to do that until filming start or something. it's cute and funny at the same time.

margie looks soo pretty on her wedding day.
totally agree, that's why we're a little confuse to why he's depress when there's a beauty in front of him .. his gf is not even all that too ..


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i know if i was margie i would just sit there and let him smell me! hahahahaha!!! why was he doing that n e ways?? he did that alot... =/ ughh im jealous..hahaha. =P


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i agree wit u.. i watch the r scene a lot of time... it was scary but he is good wit scenes like those...
i kept watching the scene where he pushed her up on the wall.. and then started to force kiss
her.. i couldnt stop watching that scene and also on the bed.. if she didnt say p'mit's name.. they would already have
DONE it.. im being nasty and perverted.. but it was the right time n everything..
wow that attempt :spin: ok no more from me on that...but you are not being perverted lol then i will deff be guilty too :blush:

aww the clip was super cute aum looks soooo hot in that tank :drool:


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yup.. but at least margie doesnt look scary like cherry when she has the makeover..
so tru!!!! cherry's makeup was just over the top and it made her look whorish.... :huh:

not really .. maybe the death is but aside from that .. i don't' see how they are alike ..
thats what i meant, with the whole fake death and her coming back as a 'new person', etc, is like rai rissaya... i dont mean the whole lakorn

4 more epis to go...
What??? only 4 more?????? booooooooooooooooooooo.......
that sux :-(


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this is starting to look a lot like rai rissaya with the fake death and all.....
thanks for the clip.... margie is sooo cute! gorgeous too!

That's the only similarity though...but it was for completely different reasons, and the fake death thing in this one is way better.

Rai Rissaya vs Badarn Jai

Praechai was pushed overboard and people thought she was dead
vs A plan Tor's sister came up with to get Tor to realize he loves Perng

Praechai decides to stay "dead" but to start a new life as someone else in order to get revenge with her enemy, without keeping Tat in mind...It wasn't Tat's fault that the women in his life were all manipulative and deceptive, but he loved and cared for her as his wife
vs Perng wanting to find out if Tor even loves her, after everything he's shown her proves otherwise, how he's nice for a second, then mean and unreasonable every other time

"Patricia" looked evil with her heavy eyeliner and short hair
vs "Kaew" looks sophisticated and beautiful

Tat didn't deserve to have his wife pretend to be dead, he was so heartbroken by it, and she knew that he loved her
vs Tor being a total jerk to Perng 80% of the time, and she didn't know if he even loved her at all

I totally see that the fake death thing is more necessary for this lakorn, and I don't feel bad for Tor at all, because while I was watching the whole thing, I hated him so much, I just wanted to kill him...more than I wanted to kill Kawee...I hate when people take other people for granted, and they don't cherish the great person that's in their life until it's too late. Perng is doing the right thing to Tor, believing a complete stranger over his own wife, and Aom is crazy, but that's no excuse for Tor...he should trust the person he's with...but then again, that's the whole problem with lakorns...I still don't like Tor, he was so mean to Perng, and she's too sweet and innocent for his jaded mind...but hopefully that will change...


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i am so behind in this lakorn. i havent been here since a long time. so how many epi does this have. sorry i am lazy to flip through the pages. thanks in advance too. once again sorry.


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^well, 9 episodes aired already .. since everyone said there's only 4 episodes left. a totally of 13 episodes for BJ ..


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gosh this lakorn is really good i'm so addicted to it!! seriouly and gosh poor aum he's so sad because of the fake death thingy goshners1!! he kinda deserve it since hes just a dumb ass geesh! but i can't wait to see the next episode.


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I suck so bad, I haven't been spamming...letting all my sisters down.. :(
Hi love your back! We missed you!
No worries...we still have a few more episodes to go!

gosh this lakorn is really good i'm so addicted to it!! seriouly and gosh poor aum he's so sad because of the fake death thingy goshners1!! he kinda deserve it since hes just a dumb ass geesh! but i can't wait to see the next episode.
I know I feel bad for him but not really...he's been so hot and hold to poor Perng...he deserves her deception...he needs to see that she is the one that he loves now, not the dead ex gf!


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He deserves what he's getting, hopefully 'Kaew' will teach him a lesson and won't give in too easily. And why does he treat her like crap knowing that she still has a mum and brother on her side. Usually in lakorns the p'ek doesn't treat a n'ek like crap unless she has no one on her side especially if her mum is his mums best friend, man i hope he suffers! LOL


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sigh.. only 4 more eps.. T_T.. seems too short.. waaah..

lol.. thats ok chen hehe.. i havent been spamming much lately hehe xp..

Hehehe.. iono y .. but eek.. aum is hot when hes up and down with his moods hahaha.. >_< ..