Baby Names


sarNie OldFart
Of course they cannot be!!!!!!!
Step said:
Girl is Vill, Boy is Toomtam but if you have both dont name them Toomtam and Vill. They cant be siblings :p
Bieluvr said:
For girl, maybe Nam-Sai meaning clear-water.
For boy, maybe Puttai meaning earth.
I'll take this and name them after I married with Toomtam's and have baby :p


Mrs James Ma
You want to break up ToomVill by marrying him :coverlaf:
Of course they cannot be!!!!!!!
I'll take this and name them after I married with Toomtam's and have baby :p


sarNie Oldmaid
LOL I already have some names in mind once I have kids in the future. One of my choices will be Thai celeb names or even lakorn characters. I might also combine it with names from other ethnicities lol.

  • Araya
  • Roxanne
  • Mai
  • Bella
  • Airada
  • Mira
  • Nycha
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Kamin
  • Tham
Gosh it's so hard to think of male baby names loooooool that's all for now :p


❤ BTS ❤
I like Nang Fah, probably for a middle name. And I also like Falada, obviously I want my daughter to be cute like NF in GRGR.

I basically want thai characters as middle names for my children.

I also like the name kimberley and for short Kimmy but i hate Kim kardashian too much

Then I want Anne for obvious reasons
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sarNie Adult
I’ve always liked the name Myrtle for a baby girl

Once I had a coworker say her nephew’s name is Giv, I don’t know how they spell it actually. But I think Giv is a cute name for a baby boy :) I think it’s cute because the boy would be giving, I hope lol :p