Ayumi Hamasaki

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by rainie_vang, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

  2. JaM

    JaM 1TYM hwaiting!

    yeah, my brother is obsessed with her. he made my mom buy all these ayumi things for him when she was in Thailand. ;D She is pretty and I like that one song I think it's called "Heaven"? Yeah, she sort of reminds me of Jolin Tsai at some time.
  3. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    yeah, that's so kewl...i didn't buy it cuz i don't know where they sell it so i jux download it....
  4. kalaya

    kalaya sarNie Egg

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!! i know, she's so pretty is all i can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    I like to think that it's Jolin who copied her style. Ayumi has her own style and when I saw Jolin tryin' to look like her, I knew right away that it was Ayumi's style.

    Her song 'Heaven' is catchy.
  6. aZn_FrEaK

    aZn_FrEaK *~JUNSU'S DORK~*

    i agree...
    i like her style
    she's very pretty too.
    i think she's soooooooo cute in her younger pics. lol
  7. aZn_FrEaK

    aZn_FrEaK *~JUNSU'S DORK~*

    here are some of my favorite pics of her ^^

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. aZn_FrEaK

    aZn_FrEaK *~JUNSU'S DORK~*

    more pics

    i luv these two... big eyes... how cute! ^^

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    i think she have bigger eyes on this one...

  10. aZn_FrEaK

    aZn_FrEaK *~JUNSU'S DORK~*

    lol i luv her eyes...
    they look so big and wide... lol
    wish i have big eyes like hers^^
  11. Kristie

    Kristie Yunho's GF~*

    her eyes r so big..... all plastic surgery.....

    anyways she has her own style and that's good ^_^

    btw always like her nails mouhaha :lmao:
  12. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    ...hey i was looking around and i found this site... check it out it's kinda kewl...

    Ayumi Hamasaki
  13. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo THE KT OF SARNIES

    yea with all the plastic surgery but hey! if she got the money more power to her..
  14. yergie

    yergie sarNie Egg

    ahha. I LOVE AYU!
    she's KOOL. her BF is HOT!!!
  15. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    haha...yah..she's totally had plastic surgery
  16. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo THE KT OF SARNIES

    yea especially her EYES! haha ^_^ so girlie who wish your eyes are like her .. don't im sure you're pretty JUST the way you are !! besides having big eyes is not all that .. stuff fly in easily hahah
  17. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    and...with all that make up...who wouldn't look pretty?
  18. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    aww...you guys r jux jealous..my friend have big eyes and she's not plastic surgery... too jealous.... :lmao:
  19. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo THE KT OF SARNIES

    jealous!??! hahahah!!! my eyes are as big as hers naturally!! but you wanna see proof? dont say i didn't warn you that imma break your heart! B)

    here is ayumi hamasaki before and after surgery tada!!

    girl she's known for this.. but im not gonna hate her for it she got money shoot if i got money i would get some stuff corrected hahah but i dont like the fact that girls look at these celebrities and feel bad about themselves..
  20. rainie_vang

    rainie_vang sarNie Juvenile

    y would it break my heart jux becuz she have plastic surgery...taht's not even true too because u can lok different in pictures... by the way, that pix doesn't lok a bit lyke her...:shocked:

    u act u noe her so much...lyke she's related 2 u or sumthin...

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