sarNie Egg
sontisook came and tried to kill jariya and chatchai tried to stop him... they all ran out chasing each other... and i think it was chai who is sontisook's nephew shot and killed sontisook. kwan told chai the truth i think and he was crying.. damn.. don't really remember now... but i know that dom and chai both were in love with oom.. but chai is oom's half brother.. and dom is her first cousin... so no one got anyone... it was a bittersweet ending
yea nobody got anyone and i couldnt stop crying on the last part coz they both became monks


This was probably one of the saddest lakorns I've ever seen. I stayed up with my sister watching it and OMG! We were crying and trying not to let the other see you. I really hated her husband in that movie and OH! The middle wife! She was a total.. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just didn't like the second wife or the husband in this movie! But overall, it was a very good, but sad movie...


OMG yeah this lakorn was one of the sadest...i was just thinkinga bout it not soo long ago...!Gosh i balled my eyes out when i watched this with my dad a long time ago!


sarNie Egg
Does anyone have the opening and closing songs of this lakorn? It's so old that it's so hard to look for the two theme songs. Please help out. This is my very first lakorn movie that I saw and it's also my very favorite. Please someone please help me find the two songs.