Aum Patcharapa


sarNie Elites
what the hell is she wearing!?

seriously...all pink & purple shoes? not to mention shorts under a see through...whatever that is?! ugh...just accentuate the boobies good and that's all she really needs to show off for everyone to fawn over her. LOL
aum looks pretty in all the photos...pretty and sexy...

looking over her fashion in this manner, i would have to say that her closet is very balanced; some outfits are very classy and elegant, then the others are a bit trashy and tacky...*ahem* the pink dress...


i like long faces. just have to say that .lol

my favorite would be the one with her hair down and green bra


Staff member
she's a bootiful ladee..

but only some dresses through me off..

like the pink one >_<... hmmm..


sarNie Adult
I think her outfits are cute and she totally pulled them off. Well, except for the last one. Don't like it at all!


Lakorn Obsesser
She cut her hair !?!?!
I think Aum looks really young with short hair, like she just entered the industry hehe

Hey, I have a five head too... is it so wrong ? That's why we cover it with our bangs... <.<