Aum Atichart and Nat Myria Visits Soon to Be Mother Aff Taksaorn


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Translated Article from Sanook

Famous actress Aff Taksaorn is currently pregnant and expecting her first child. She is to give birth next year, which is only a couple days away. Her husband, Songkran Techanarong, is always by her side to look after her and the baby. He does not allow her to do any heavy labor. The couple had a gathering for close friends from the entertainment industry to come visit. Lovebirds Aum Atichart and Nat Myria were one of the many people to visit the beautiful actress and soon to be mother. Fans hope for the two to have a child of their own soon. We do not know what Aum and Nat are hinting at because the picture shows Nat protruding her belly against Aff's, hoping that it would grow just as big as hers. As for right now, time will only allow them to wait for the arrival of their best friend's little bundle of joy. How cute!   


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It's amazing how fast Aff's tummy grew from the time that I saw her. She's so petite you can barely see her belly hidden beneath her dress. Even my sister didn't notice until I told her. Hehe When I first saw the pic of Nat and Aff's belly pressed against eachother, I thought Nat was preggo too so I went on her ig but there were no signs of pregnancy.

Off topic/ Paula Taylor is preggo again too. I did not know she was preggo again! Ahhh can't wait to see the newborn babies.

Btw. Does anyone know the gender of S/A baby?

Thanks for sharing Mahalo ^^


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Awww so cute! Songkran seems like a really nice hubby too, getting more morning sickness symptoms than aff at earlier stages. They're such a sweet couple!!

Hope the labour goes well and both mother baby will be healthy. If it's a boy, hopefully he will be like na, something aff had always wished for hehhe


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It's so cute how Aff & Aum are BFF's.  They both have changed so much after JLR.  I watched some of my favorite episodes this past weekend and still love them both as ever  :heart: Aff will be a great mom.  


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aww , i left for 5 year and she got married and having a baby while Im still single and searching lol


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Well , JAM LEUY RUK was air JAN 1 2008 ! This was the lakorn that make her famous HAHA . Honestly , the first eps or so when the lakorn started I thought AFF was annoying and wasn't so attractive but later on  :facepalm: i realize this girl isn't going wake up in a jungle w/o perfect makeup and beautiful curly hair HAHA and i fall in love . My first girl crush .


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Wow! And to think I just translated this article and it said she was due to give birth next year which is only a couple days away. Scary! Congrats to the couple!


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JRL was my first Thai lakorn and Aff was my first favorite actress.   I'm glad to have witnessed the day she got married and now having her first baby.   So they named her PeeMai which means New Year because she was born on a New Year.    That's probably a nick name and I wonder what the real name will be.
Congratulations to AFF and Songkran and both their families!


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awwww, how can she look so beautiful after child birth. so happy for them , im glad she marry the right person because he seen sweet to her.


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dang, thatz wat she looked like after the birth.  shez alwayz gorgeous.  lol  her husbandz not bad looking either.  not to mention the adorable new bundle!!


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Translated Interview from Sanook
Aff and Songkran Shows Off Nong Pee Mai, Wants Another Child Next Chinese New Year

New parents Aff Taksaorn and Songkran Techanarong welcome their newborn daughter by showing her off to the world in front of the press conference at Bhumrungrat Hospital. They gave her the nickname  nong "Pee Mai" (New Year). Her father had already intended to give her the nickname because he wants to name his children after festive holidays. The minute he laid eyes on his daughter brought joy to his heart as he sees her for the first time. They plan on having their second child be born around Chinese New Year. 
1. As new parents, how do you feel?
Songkran: I am very happy to have such a cute and adorable daughter. Her mother tells me that she looks very much like me when I was a newborn.
Aff: I am very happy to have a daughter because we both wanted a daughter (smiles). Songkran is happy that he has a daughter who looks just like him. Exactly alike. I did not benefit from this pregnancy at all because I carried her for 9 months but she does not look a bit like me (laughs). 
2. How was your delivery? Were you nervous? Excited?
Songkran: We were very excited because we've been waiting for her for 9 months. At last, the day finally arrived. When we entered the delivery room, we tried our best to make everything go as planned. She was born at 4:48 am. The doctor told us that she was expected to be due on New Year's day. We were lucky because she was born on New Year's day.
Aff: We were eagerly awaiting for her arrival. Songkran would pray every single day so that his daughter will not be born any earlier or later than New Year's day. Finally, she agreed and was born on New Year's day.
3. How did you feel when you first laid eyes on her?
Aff: It's an indescribable feeling beyond words can explain. We felt a variety of emotions along with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Everything was just happening so fast.
Songkran: When she was first born, they were still weighing her. But once I had the chance to be with her, I felt a strong connection with her. The more I held and took care of her, the stronger the bond between us became. It keeps growing continuously.
4. Right now, are you guys over possessive of her?
Aff: Songkran isn't overly possessive of her. But yesterday morning, he sneaked to bathe and wash her hair all by himself.  
5. Have any close friends or family came to visit you yet? 
Aff: Yes, they have. From elders to close friends. They all came to visit. At first, I thought everyone was going away for New Year, but when the day came, everyone was able to visit. I'd like to thank everyone ka.
6. She was nicknamed Pee Mai. Was it due your fans overwhelming requests?
Songkran: I wanted to name her Pee Mai since the beginning. Pee Mai is actually her nickname. As for her real name, I'll let Aff decide.
Aff: As for her real name, I'd have to wait and discuss it with the elders. Right now, we are waiting to have her official formal name. 
7. Do her grandparents have any special gifts prepared for their grandchild?
Songkran: Honestly, they will definitely have something to give to her, but for us, we feel that the most important blessing is to have a grandchild for them. But if they have something they want to give to us, we would gladly accept it. (Laughs)
Aff: From observations, they are very happy, especially Songkran's father because right now, his leg is in pain, but he still makes the effort to come visit his granddaughter everyday. 
8. Since you've already given birth, is there any chance that you will come back to accept work again?
Aff: Right now, it depends on my daughter's schedule. But let's wait to see when will be the best timing to do so.
9. Are you already planning to have a second child?
Songkran: From what I'm currently counting, the doctor told her to rest for 4 months. By then it'll be April. If she gets pregnant again, her due date will be on Chinese New Year 9 months later. Every New Year then krap. (Laughs)
10. Are you planning this for real or just joking?
Songkran: If possible, I'd be happy. (Laughs)
11. Which means that there is already a plan for a second child in place?
Aff: There will definitely be a second child, but for him/her to be born on Chinese New Year? (Laughs)
12. Finally, how do you feel that your daughter has become the heart of everyone in Thailand? She's the first good news of the new year.
Aff: We'd like to thank everyone from the reporters to close family and friends from the ET for welcoming and adoring our daughter. (Smiles) 


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Aff was really radiant during her pregnancy. I never believed in that "pregnancy glow" till I saw her pictures. I also just realized that Songkran was born during Thai's new year and his kid gets the Gregorian calendar new year. Talk about good timing!
I was laughing when he said he's already calculating when to impregnate Aff again to get a Chinese new year baby lol. And Aff goes he's counting by himself.