Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex


Save World Save Life
wow vee looks very handsome and cute i want to see him act with ae issaraiya again i think that his next leading n'eak they do match


vee and aum look really good and cute together..... I love vee's movies.... he is a really good actor..... :wub:


sarNie Adult
ooh Vee is hott in this shoot! had to fan myself a lil


sarNie Hatchling
I don't think they look good together... I think aum look best with Oil Thana hehehe... super duper cute

oooh aum is so pretty but she's too skinny


sarNie Adult
HAHA, why does Aum look like this in every photo shoot. I mean, i like her too but i perfer to see the cute side of her, or take some cute photos mama! Ahah sometimes she tries too hard to be sexy and it looks funny cause you're ALREADY sexy enuff WOMAN! LOL. but yeah, Well, i understand, GUYS love the see the sexy side of her.. hint hint** it gets poeple's attention. HAHA


sarNie Adult
aum is "sexy" but it seems like all of her pics she has the same expression or the same's always the "sexy" look...i think she will actually look naturally beautiful if she just smile smile or something...


Aum always has that expression on her face when she takes that all she does or is that how her mouth is?