At Least 61 Killed in Nightclub Blaze


sarNie Adult
Santika is known for having lots of crowds at that club ... and people go wild. I'm surprise they don't have any EMERGENCY EXITS. Shouldn't all clubs have it.


sarNie Adult
^^ yeah, i would think all businesses have emergency exits. this is not the first time i've heard/read stories where those sparklers are allowed inside. a lit stick that is dropped can def start a fire.


sarNie Adult
ma friends boyfriend is the owner of this place glad i didnt kno him tbh coz the club wasnt even insured or anythin!! i had a friend that died in this terrible start to the new year ... the club wasnt even allowed to be run legally coz of the lack of exits it was a very popular place but the whole theme ''goodbye santika'' pretty much sums it all up