Are you the HATED one in your family?

Discussion in 'Love & Relationship' started by Jieb_Lover, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    Honestly I have to admit all my siblings hate me for some reason,
    I never talk back at them. I always try to be nice to them. They really don't like me at all.
    I try my best to be myself. But they still hate me anyways. I don't know how life will be 10 years from now, when we're old and married.
    Somedays I just wish life would end here right now because I want a family that will love me for who I am.
    My little sister abuses me alot, but I don't fight back. I guess you can say I am the weak one. I try to be strong but I don't want to fight back at them.
    My siblings say that I want to fit in and try to be perfect all the time, also my little sister says I was a mistake.
  2. d2bnarak

    d2bnarak sarNie Hatchling

    hey..itz all good, we'r in the same boat...

    but actually im super mean...

    i try to work it out...but life aint tat easy... sibs HATE ME...
  3. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    Yeah I know Life isn't easy, but somedays I just feel like I don't wanna deal with it any longer.
  4. Quarter

    Quarter Tell me about it.

    no i am not hate. it's more like, they dont give a shit. which i could careless. i still talk to them and do stuff with them, its just, we all dont give a damn. the family spoils my brother and sister alot, sometimes i secretly cry when i REALLY think about. but most likely, i just DONT give a shit. the bf loves me (i say that now, i'm gonna get dump one day.) LOL

    youngest one in family by the way.
  5. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    tough situation, i used to not get along with my sister, but now we are best of friends. someday it'd all work out.
  6. *Ice*

    *Ice* sarNie Adult

    hmm i dno if im hated by ma family buh i kno thet are really two faced haha so they probs talk shit behind me buh there is aload of ppl i cant stand in ma fam :L
  7. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    yeah i feel hate from my sister . she think i'm immature , lazy , stubborn, thick face , loser ect ect ..and im the oldest sister too :lol: but i love her
  8. Liberty

    Liberty sarNie Adult

    Nope, I'm not the hated one in the family. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm one of the favorites, especially with my parents.

    There isn't a hated one in the family, but we do have members of the family who are sort of the black sheep because they chose not to interact with everyone else. My younger brother is a black sheep because he's gotten into a lot of trouble and always has some sort of drama going on with his life, that and his wife is kind of a bitch.
    One of my aunts is a black sheep too, for some reason after her third marriage she's kept her distance from everyone. She doesn't spend Christmas or Thanksgiving with the family (she always spends it with her husband's family and never brings my cousin around), even when my other aunts and uncles fly in from out of state.
    But there's really no hate among my family.
  9. judyp

    judyp sarNie Adult

    me and my family have a love-hate relationship. we fight and then make up. i don't think there's a "hated" person in my family, though we do have an odd ball, which is my younger brother. however, i do feel like im my mom's least favorite. haha. which i can understand why because i tend to talk back to her. yet, she spoils me with food! i think shes trying to kill me with all the cholesterol. hahah. kiddingg. but like liberty, we have a black sheep in the family, no hated ones.
  10. 7270

    7270 7270

    well, i don't think there's a most hated one in my family at all. i know the most dreaded one is my oldest aunt, b/c the woman criticizes a lot. we don't hate her nor dislike her. what we do know is that our self-esteems aren't all up there to deal with her criticisms yet & shrug them off though. B)

    i'm actually known to be the most well-behaved one in the family, & i take advantage of that. even when i do something wrong, everyone thinks I do it w/ good intentions. B) at my brother's age & coming home in the wee-hours in the morning or not coming home at all, my parents always thought i was out studying with friends. :rolleyes:
  11. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    i'm not the hated one in my family. we all have a love-hate relationship.
    i have a love-hate relationship with my younger sister who's 15.
    we'll argue abut nothing & over the stupidest thing ever.
    but later we'll pretend nothing ever happen. lol. it's weird.
    However, me & my older sister whos 22 are a lot closer.
    & my older & younger sister, don't really get along. :lol:
    i'm always in the middle of everything... sucks being a middle child!

    but overtime, i think things will get better for you. you should try talking to your family & see why they're acting that way towards you.
  12. kitkat

    kitkat sarNie Elites

    :lol: I just got a flashback how I was told by my cousin saying that she extremely loathed me when I did nothing at all. Well, it was only when I just was little and I always remember whenever I tried to come in the room, she immediately kicked me out--- I often hung around with her little sister. But I don't really hate her once we get older then she suddenly became a family person now. ^_^ I'm sure that you're not hated or possibly a black sheep like everyone else so it's not that bad thing, though. :D

    If you ask yourself with too much of "why" questions then you should talk with your family about it. Personally, I don't sit down with my family to solve the problems since I know it won't work on us. <_< And sadly, I'm not even that close with my own parents compares to the closeness of my little brother and older cousins. How unfilial I am. -_-
  13. mintwix

    mintwix MMの弁護士。

    It's quite strange and fascinating. But perhaps even fateful :loool: Growing up. I'd say that I was always the hated one in my family. Well maybe not in my family per se. Relatives-wise also. But now I'm loved by everyone. :D And I'm not exaggerating. I was one of those annoying kids. Quite a brat sometimes. Love to argue. Impatient. Self-confident. Determined to get what I want. But not quite cute enough to get away with it. :loool: And now. Well. I'm just so reasonable and cool. :loool: And I guess it's b/c everyone see me as the whiz kid oin the family. Anyway. I'm being so vague. :p
  14. mintwix

    mintwix MMの弁護士。

    your words remind me of my sister. Except my sister knows I love her. Even when we can be opposites.
  15. genkers

    genkers sarNie Juvenile

    if we talking about immediate family then my dad is definetly the most hated one, if we talking about all my family(cousin and uncles etc) im not hte most hated but i would probably be in 4th place(bc of my dad, don't feel like explaining so don't even ask) yet im the one that most of my relative come to when they havea problem lol
  16. Saifah

    Saifah bite me x___

  17. koblo

    koblo sarNie Hatchling

    Well chill =D Be yourself and try to not take things personally cause life goes on. You need to accept that they are your family and they will always be there even if they hate you. There are certain phase your family goes through that makes them hate you and isolate you but you have to hang in there. Just let time heal it and communicate =D Life does get better though!
  18. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    its okay, we are in the same shoes. my siblings dont like me either. but for whatever reasons they dont like you.

    thats on them. you shouldnt feel bad at all. live life. learn to fight back. thats what life is all about. ;)

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