Aom Pratomaporn is getting married!


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hi guys! Just an update for boran Lakota lovers. I believe Aom Pratomaporn is getting married? correct me if I'm wrong. she's from bua kaew jukgrote, Wong sawan, Kula saen suay, all the oldish boran lakorns. And she's getting married to tar phasin, also in boran lakorns. Here's their pre wedding pictures, I follow her on ig.


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I'm so happy for them. I read from Thip that they've been dating for over 9 years. I wish them the best <3 Aom and Yam were my favorite boran actresses :D


Aom and Tar looked kinda weird together in Bua Kaew but I do wish the couple all the best!


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They are best friend for a long time before dating. I knew they will eventually end up together. Congratulation to both.

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I think she matches Boy and James better but they were pretty cute in Sung Tong. But anyways congrats to them both. :D



Congrats to them! They look really cute together. :)


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That was a surprise to me but congratz! She's so pretty and he's actually kinda cute in modern clothes. I wish they would push Aom as a lead in thai dramas. She's so beautiful in her latest lakorn, Talay Fai.