Aom Phiyada:colors does matter


sarNie Coma
aom looks good with long hair!..and it makes her look extra younger. so beautiful as always!


sarNie Hatchling
Thank you for sharing these pics of Aom. She is absolutely gorgeous! But she does look even thinner than before. In a few of the pics (ex. 2nd one), I barely recognized her.


sarNie Juvenile
Pretty good photoshoot. I almost didn't recognize her in some of these photos. Love the clothing. Has she lost a lot of weight recently, or is it because she has longer hair that makes her look like she's really thin?


Dubsteppin' favorite nang'ek. she's got the natural beauty, hardly any makeup on..or at least, they dont look heavy and obvious. But yeah....nice shoots....legs DO look scrawny. maybe its just how they shot it with the angles and then probably did touch ups. i dunno.


sarNie Adult
Absolutely Beautiful!

Aom works too darn hard! Hopefully, she's on vacation right now, relaxing.


sarNie Elites
OMG! Love Aom sooooooooo much! I love her long hair, it makes her even prettier! Ahh! Thank you!