Aom In Different Role - Petition to Exact


sarNie Adult
Hi All,

I'm creating this petition and will send it to Exact. As we all know, our Aom is amazing in drama role. However, I want to see her protray another role that she's never done before. I want to see her in an action lakorn where she's kicking butt and very daring. I believe by all of us voicing our thoughts Exact will take it into consideration when there is another action lakorn in line. Please voice your thoughts and also if you'd like to give a brief explanation on the plot of the lakorn that would be plus. Never know, we could give them some lakorn ideas.

If you know of anyone else who is a fan of Aom and would love to see her protray this type of role, please do spread the word.

Remember! A close mouth is a voice never heard. Thanks to all who's willing to sign the petition. Please join AomPClub and sign the petition.

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sarNie Adult
Yay Tinah!

Thanks for pushing for this petition, babe. Hopefully, we'll get our wishes. :D


sarNie Coma
hehe..i really hope this petition works..i have more hopes then the other time cuz we arent requesting for a praek