Any manga readers?


Expired Sarnie
Mars was my very first manga that I read. I loved it, and I also loved the drama.


Expired Sarnie
who is reading vampire night. shojo beat. lol. i love it so much. it is finally going to be an anime. but its going to be a long wait. <_<


sarNie Adult
the very frist manga that i've read was "From far away" and now i'm currently reading "Tales fo the moon" and waiting for the new volume to come out.


sarNie Adult
I used to read Mangas all the time..Well not really but a few here and there..I have to share my story lmao
I was reading Goong..(yes i know it's not officially a manga b/c it's Korean but w/e lol) and anywho I forgot that when reading Korean mangas you just read them like regular books (dont have to read them backwards) so I'm reading it and nothing makes sense to me..I get down to literaly the last 3 pages and I said to my cousin.."how come this book doesnt make sense to me..seems like they're doing everything backwards??" LMAO she busted out laughing and told me that I'm reading it wrong. LMAO Hey how was I supposed to know...It didnt have a "Stop your reading this backwards" sign lmao..anywho yeahh..I just had to tell you all...I guess it's a you had to be there moment..I still think its funnny! :ph34r: :loool:


Super Momo
im reading a couple of manga but the one that I REALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY like is Bitter Virgin its pretty real to me the 2-5 first page immediatly got me hook to it its a story

you guys should read it

Alternative title:
ビター�ージン (Japanese)
Genres: drama, romance, slice of life
Plot Summary: Popular high school student Suwa Daisuke has no interest in dating newcomer Aikawa Hinako, a quiet loner. That's because she recoiled from his flirtatious touch, and he took it as a personal affront. Daisuke informs one of his buddies that he wouldn't date her, not knowing Hinako was listening. Daisuke's attitude changes after he accidentally hears her confession in an abandoned church; she's been sexually abused by her stepfather and has given up a child for adoption. His former annoyance turns to compassion and concern. Hinako is unaware that he knows her terrible secret. Believing him to have no romantic interest, she becomes more relaxed and comfortable in his company. Their relationship faces a lot of obstacles, including jealous classmates.


Super Momo
i am currently reading midnight secretary... so good!!!!!
oh im reading it too too bad its not completed and just started it just kills me

here's a list of what im reading

Skip Beat [RECCOMENDED!!!!!!]
Bitter Virgin [RECOMMENDED]
Midnight Secretary
Moe Kare
The Bride of the Water God
Crimsom Hero
Special A [going to be made into Anime so is vampire knight =]
Vampire Knight
Tsuki no Shippo
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

those are the one im following closely

there are hella more that I'm reading but i dont really remember right now ^_^


sarNie Egg
I read all kind, which ever manga is new or new to translated with english subs, I read them all, Shoujo, Shang-Ai, Yaoi, I do not read Yui. My favorite are Yaoi and Shang-Ai.

I do make sure that I am up to date with Bleach, Naruto and D-Grey Man.


sarNie Adult
i have read to many and love most of the manga that i read


sarNie Egg
i've read all types of mangas...personally i have at least 100 mangas stored on my computer (-,-)
well i only read shoujou...some that i recommend is:
1. love monster
2. Shinshi Doumei Cross
3. Anatolia (red river)
have funn!!


sarNie Granny
i started to read manga & watch anime since 8th grade , i have i big collection . My parent hated that i spend $$ on those stuff , they say it just " cartoon " even when i was in high school they think im a kid cuz i watch " cartoon " haha little did they know Japanese Anime is a whole differ level :p . It wasn't till 2000 , i start d/l Anime & Manga -- the magic of INTERNET !!! Save me lots of $$$ . My biggest collection ever is Ranma 1/2 ...i use to buy every graphic novel that out and back den it was $15.99 up a volume , tape, dvd , merchandise ect... But i enjoy Japaneses anime& manga then their drama series hahaha ...there only a few Japanese series i would watch . I read lots of d/l & scan Manga but i take a break from it for about 6- 10 months now till my penpal friend recommend me "Midnight Secretary" so i decide to check it out and I LOVE IT . It make me goes back to reading manga again after a long break hahaa . I can't wait for the next voulme . The only thing i dont like about reading Manga online ---- is the LONG wait for the scan translation *sigh* it worst den waiting for sub but it all cool i can't complain , those translator work hard.


sarNie Adult
I am not a fan of manga but I like to read them sometimes.
I have read :
- Suki Dakara Suki
- Clover
- Angel Sanctuary (very disapointed)
- Imadoki
- Wish
- Zettai kareshi
- Alice 19th
- Ouran Hight School Host Club (LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! My Favorite until now !)

In fact, I read what my sisters buy except for Angel Sancuary (rent from a friend) Suki Dakara Suki & Host Club (buy alone), because they are big fans...each month, they spend so much money on dvd, mangas or cds (ost) !