Any Hmong Girls who are still single?


sarNie Juvenile
There's nothing wrong with finding love online. I met my bf through a hmong forum like this one. You can find love anywhere. :blush:


sarNie Juvenile
u got friends? let me know...holla some if u do...

well, all my friends are taken;
i got some cousins; but don't know if they're
lookin coz they're still in HS.
maybe u should post more about
yourself... like your last name,
age... etc. etc...


sarNie Hatchling
i think that this site can be anything a hmong person wants.......looking for love, gossip, movie, etc...........i do wish you luck in finding that girl here........


Expired Sarnie
LMAO do you have to be Hmong?

This is interesting. There's really no problem with online dating. Just be careful okay.