Anne T. with Kim, Mint C., Yaya


sarNie Oldmaid
All my favorite are together, they all looks so lovely and cute. Anne and Kim look alike. Thank you for sharing.


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lol so do we have a gallery for that pic? I remember for that particular party, there is already a thread

stick with it, don't post random threads and pics everywhere in AF, it's almost like u trash your own home

this should be moved to that place, where all the polls and nonsense battles happen


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It's amazing to see Anne with the younger girls and look so beautiful and fresh. I will probably faint a few timee if they were all in one lakorn lol...too good to even think it will happen.
OMG what a great IDEA! I will so watch it even though I'm not a fan of some of the gals' acting but with Ann, I cannot skip. Love all four of them though :dance2: I will prob faint too not that you came up with the idea