Ann,Tik,Ken,Aom,Ploy & Sunny:29th Birthday


sarNie Hatchling
P'Tik looks great, very much like Captain. I think Ken should wear a hat too. Then Ploy and Aom should exchange the positions. Ploy should stand at the place of Aom, and Aom should take a seat. Sunny should be where Ken is (btw, Sunny looks sort of funny here...).


sarNie Adult
everyone look hot...i love this shoot.
tik look like he just came out of that movie priates of carribien hahaha
can't wait to see the inside shoot


those clothes they wear looks like their from the past. like in lakorn.
they all looked gorgeous. thanks 4 sharing tinah.


sarNie Egg
Wow, Praew magazine's already 29 years old. Happy birthday to this good magazine. In my point of view, the concept of this photoshoot would have been better had they found all the stars of the same age (29) to post.


what the heck do they have ploy wearing? :huh: luckily, she's pretty & can pull something like that off. ;) is that tik j.? in the pic? if so, he looks so diff. in the pic. :eek:


sarNie Coma
omg, behind the scene of the shoot!..i cant wait to see the inside shoot. it looks kool. everyone looked hot. Aoms gonna have a shoot with tik/sunny and they both had their arms around her ^_^: hmm i hope tik will have one with Anne too. but too bad ken wasnt there that day

Behind The Scene
credit to Anonymous @ AFC


sarNie Egg
thanks for posting it..

I'm currently in BKK>. my last day i'm going to hunt this magazine down.


btw.. sunny is really hot right now.. he's got a new movie out here, called sailup jak baan lek.. it's really good and i'm so in love with him rite now.


sarNie Juvenile
I dont even kn ow who sunny is.
Thanks for posting this. I want to see this shoot sooo bad! Hope theres alot of pics where the guys re togethor and the chicks are togethor. Hope ann and ploy gets alot of photos with Tik!!!!


sarNie Hatchling
is aom and sunny dating? or did they use to date? im not sure but the clip seems to mention something along that line.. :huh:


sarNie Oldmaid
AOM & SUNNY...juz rumors..they're friends...but dating? has been deny by both parties..the media ish juz tryin' 2 start sumting up again..

hey! in the clip...the cover didn't have P'ken on it..did Ken do the shoot by himself..and they juz photoshop him wonder he looked kinda weird on the cover..argh! i hope he did some actual shoot w/ the rest of the group..esp. w/ Aom & Ann...awwww....


sarNie Coma
i was just about to post this up lol. this is a kool shoot!..everyone looks great. omg, i love the one with tik/aom. so, cute..they are holding hands!!..too bad anne and ken didnt have a shoot together
thanks for sharing


sarNie Hatchling
wow tik looks so different with long hair

i actually like his look from roy leh with aom, clean cut and hot :wub:

but its a nice shot, very different