[Anime] Toshokan Sensou; Library War


sarNie Adult
Just remember about this 12 episodes anime when i stumble with last chapter of the manga version last week.Yes it just end with 73 chapter but the translation only at chapter 36 or 37 for now.so maybe i should just share it here.
Story of Kasahara Iku, the first woman to join the Library Task Force. In the near future in Japan, the Media Enhancement Law has been forced upon the population censoring all books and media. To counter this, the Library Defense Force was created. To protect themselves against the Media Enhancement Law Commission, all major libraries are fully equipped with a military Task Force, who take it upon themselves to protect the books and freedom of media of the people. This anime follows Iku and her fellow soldiers as they protect various special books and artifacts from the oppression of the Media Enhancement Law Commission.
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I found this anime during my teenager year when i was obsess with action anime but when i watch this it get me laugh at first coz of the real war,real gun,real blood shed etc to protect the freaking book.well it nothing weird when something out from fiction.Still enjoy this for their action and comedy.
Then just in this early year i know they have the live action movie already in 2013.i'm sooo late but i can't get myself to watch it yet coz i still admire the handsome but petite cute Dojo senpai.i still can imagine junichi okada as him.not for now.