Ando Masanobu Official Thread

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by mychen, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. mychen

    mychen sarNie Egg

    Ando Masanobu
    DOB: 5-19-1975
    Dislikes Potatoes

    That's about the only information I know of him. So please, if you guys out there know more, please take the time and jot it down in this thread for the rest of us here who are so clueless yet LOVE and adore this hottie.

    Here are some pics to share.


    I loved him in Red cute yet suave.
  2. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    He kicks arse as the sadistic Kuzuya Kiriyama from Battle Royale. Very talented actor.
  3. mychen

    mychen sarNie Egg

    Yeah but that's a bit evil though. I prefer him as the good lead like in Red Ninja. Anyone else have info on him would be great!
  4. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a


    Battle Royale
    Tokyo 11+1 ( i think that's what it was called )
    Red Ninja a.k.a Akakage
    Adrenaline Drive

    there are others but I can't think right now.
  5. darkmansion

    darkmansion sarNie Egg

    I love him
    He's crazy in BR but very cool in Red Shadow B)
  6. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    I don't know if you guys notice it. But his acting reminds me of Won Bin. His expressions. I think it's in the eyes.
  7. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    omg! so true! masanobu ando so reminds me of won bin! both are so hot hot hot! ah ha ha!
  8. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    masanobu ando is awesome!! i've seen him in gimmy heaven, BR1, and transparent. he's awesome. i think he looks like Johnny Depp and Won Bin!! HE'S SO HOT!! I LOVE HIM!
  9. sopheab

    sopheab sarNie Egg

    I'm happy to see a masanobu ando's threat ^^

    I really like him in BR1!!!!

    Wanna see Big bang: juvenile Love with (I don't know his name) the guy who played "ren" in "nana" the movie ^^
  10. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    oh you mean Ryuhei Matsuda? yeah...he's HOT!! i like him a lot!! I wanna see BB: JL too, i saw previews of it...ando and just kidding.

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