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  1. Ms.Zoe

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    I found this story so inspirational & powerful, good lessons to take from it. The background, subtitles & edits Sean added into the video make it more easily to follow as he tells the story.

    The Buddha & the Beggar

    Cr to Sean Buhanahiran
  2. Vimalee

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    Just beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Going to share this with my loved ones.
  3. Ms.Zoe

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    You're very welcome @Vimalee. Me too, going to share this with my loved ones as well :).
  4. Ms.Zoe

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    Sharing another good story that I heard for the first time so long ago. It is great to hear it again because back then I was young so I didn't grasp the wonderful lessons this story has. It's true that at the end when one leaves this world, one only carries one's soul to his/her next life. I also believe that one also carries one's karma to his/her next life, yup karma. It is better to carry more good karma than bad karma so it is always good to do good things, building up one's good karma to be prepared in the next life. It is never late to start doing good deeds, now is the time :).

    The Man with 4 Wives

    Cr to Sean Buhanahiran

    Reason for Edit: include the title of the story
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