[Amarin] Unknown title (Change2561): Tubtim Anyarin


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It makes sense if her drama in Amarin will premiere on October. So far all the announced dramas of Change with Amarin are good until September, assuming there's no more delays.

In other news, I wonder what Sammy and Min are up to. Looks like their respective debuts outside Change were both lackluster.
if Tubtim really play in ‘Death Time” her fans will be so happy because they say nek role is very challenging . hope it air by October, her other new lakorn hope it air chone so she can get more fan base, also want to see her work with ch3, gmmtv, true

Min and Sammy say will have a new lakorn ( i think they just wait for the producers to finish up the scripts etc.) rumors say Min will get pair up with Jam for chone. even though their latest lakorns as freelance is not famous like the fans expect but seem like they are happy already get to chose the roles that they really want to play and get to work with new cast/producers was good experiences. esp. Min she got more international fans,

If Tubtim new lakorns is not famous but i think her fans is already happy get to see her play new challenge roles and work with new actors/production. definitely way better than be wasted by ch7 that give her crappy nek roles in action lakorns , beside her fans can see her more from tv shows as well, she has schedule to tape tv shows for work point already . so more works for her is great , she said excited to go back to film lakorns again (1 yrs + that she didn’t get a new lakorn from ch7)
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Looks like a follow-up project with Change is indeed in the horizon



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Great news. I kinda wish Thanwa would go freelance as well, I want to see them reunited in a project outside of Ch7, in a less depressing storyline.