Alek Teeradetch & Mew Nittha (Preaw Issue 881 May 2016)


sarNie Adult
I saw some behind the scene photos a month ago, been waiting to see when this magazine was gonna appear here.- there is just something about Mew and A lek when they do photos together, they are so darn adorable together.

photos credits to: Instagram user
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sarNie Adult
Wish these two have another lakorn together. They both have grown since Sai See Plerng...
Agree, Mew and Alek had really have grown. They seem to be doing a lot of photo shoots together than doing a lakorn together. I'm fine with that, its not like they are going to get to act together any time soon. It seems like Alek still needs to prove to Ch.3 that he can be a leading man in a lakorn. Like my sister say" he's handsome but not that super handsome to the point where he'll get the lead." :( But she's right though.


sarNie Adult
but he was the bad guy right? :(
You are right, he played the unfaithful guy.:p but they were together... for a little bit.:pancarta:
I thought Alek and and Mew were so cute and then Chakirt character came in and I fell in l:icon12:ve with Mew and Chakrit character. :love::love::love:


sarNie Egg
Mew looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking in this shoot. The hairdo makes her look so beautiful. She’s such a photogenic queen.


Whao! I’m breathless! My girl Mew is killing these looks in here! What a petite beauty she is! I think Alek is cute but nothing hot to my full liking. He still has yet to prove me worthy on his acting! Lol.