Ai Ma Lek [TV3]


sarNie Egg
I'm looking for the lakron 'Ai Ma Lek'. It stars Ken W and Yardthip R and also Not F and was broadcasted in 2002. I just recently remembered this lakron and want to watch it again so badly cuz I remember liking it alot.

My memory's a bit vague on the plot but if I remember correctly, Ken played a bad guy who lost his memory and somehow ends up living with Yardthip's character (who was way too young to play that role at that time btw!) and Not played a cop who was trying to catch Ken.

Anyways, if anyone knows where I can watch this online or even order it I would be so greatful. :D


sarNie Egg
Hey, it's kind of late, but if you are still trying to watch it, Ai Ma Lek is on youtube. Here's the link to the first part: