Aff : Stefan on Oops !


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Aff looks beautiful as always. Hum... no offense to anyone, but the more I see Stephen, the less good he looks to me, but he is still okay =)


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Aff's outfit is so cute. On the other hand, Stefan's outfit looks too casual next to Aff's. I'm just not feeling the gray sweater combination. I have no comments on the teeth...


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im totally biased so I shouldn't post anything but i love Aff! she looks super pretty in here :wub:
Sunti...he looks okay but i don't like the dyed highlights on him...i think he would look better with just his natural hair color ^_^


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just wanted to add my two cents... Stephen is his name... I guess you can call it a nickname or what he goes by... he uses a Thai name... maybe b/cause he became a Thai citizen... so his full name or you can call it an Actor's name is Sunti Weerabounchai (?) from his first interview when he became famous from LNJ with Kob S., he said he had a totally different last name b/c his father is Italian and his mother is Chinese...just to make it clear Stephan is not Thai at all...but was raised in and grew up in Thailand... about his teeth and looks...

he looks ok girls...his teeth looks ok too... nobody has real white teeth... those that do had it bleached... the point is what does it matter if it's not totally totally white... he has a healthy smile and it's not decayed or rotten...

and IMO he looks cute with Aff...if Channel 3 and 7 decides to make a joint lakorn and have Stephen and Aff work together I would totally be excited.... Just My Opinion!

kaab nis

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why people hatin on stefan he's cute and seems like a nice guy...aff is pretty and gorgeous if they do a lakorn together i'm gonna toltally whatch cuz they're both pretty good actors


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they named the topic: jum ler...siwad... that is, the combo names of both their lakorns. -_- basically: soriya meets, what's his face, aigan(??). weird.

imagine kob and aum.

"imagine kob and aum"..........lmao........i think they just don't go together. but that's just me.

But...Aff is so pretty, and she and Stefan look pretty good together.