Aff, Ploy, & Umm at Ratree Samosarn


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They filmed the Ratree Samosarn today but they probably won't air it for a couple of weeks but here are the pictures credits to I didn't save all of them just some. Anyways I can't edit the title because I forgot to write the date of this. If anyone coupld could they write September 15, 2009 after Namthan Mai.


Both Aff and Ploy looks absolutely gorgeous! Aum look sooo yummy! Hahaha.

^^Love this pic and how he had his hand on Aff's waist ^_^ ^^


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Ploy doesn't look too well lol Aff is gorgeous. Aum does look yummie- very fresh looking too :wub:


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Both Aff and Ploy looks absolutely gorgeous! Aum look sooo yummy! Hahaha.

^^Love this pic and how he had his hand on Aff's waist ^_^ ^^

right i love tis pic too... just look at the way he puts his hands.... wow.... and aff doesnt even mind... so cute... thanks for lots of pics...


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ehehehe xp.. aff is so darn gorgeous ^_^..

aum is hot!

shouldve came to this thread earlier ehehe xp..


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ratree samosarn is my fav show lol =) can't wait to see this. aum looks hot and aff is gorgeous but ploy doesn't look so great in that pic. she looks olddddddd! i think it's the hair.. she shoulda kept it down and straight with the bangs. =/


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Damn! Aff's skin is amazing, it's flawless.
Wow that was the first thought that popped into my head too!

She's just so pretty!!! They look great together in this lakorn..just like a real couple...they are oozing chemistry :wub:


I think both Aff and Ploy are beautiful!!! equally ehehhee HAHHA!
Aum is just yummy!!!
Anyways, I can't wait for it to air!!!!!


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aff is so so hot especially with aum :wub: oh i can just feel the hotness and chemistry of ATEAM. aff looks absolutely gorgeous especially in that outfit. thanks for all the cool pix (and that there are many of them too)!!! :D


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Hi...everyone..i am new here, first time posting. Am obsessed with Aff and Aum since Jeum Leuy Ruk. Aff so gorgeous and beautiful and how can Aum not fall for her. Saw the news today on dirtylaundry, Nat Myria annoucing she is seeing Aum and i was like...awwwwww.....why since Aff brokeoff with her boyfriend all the guys are chasing after Aff now and all the women are scared of Aff now. Nat is simply afraid now and might feel relation with Aum jeopardise.

I am still rooting Aum and Aff together for good. Aff might not want to commit so soon cos she just had a breakup....but still....slow, easy and stable will be better for both Aum and Aff.