Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman


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Popular actor Sornram Theppitak allegedly slammed his BMW car into a woman who was collecting recyclable garbage on a Bangkok street late Wednesday night.

The accident happened on Soi Senanikhom in Lat Prao district shortly after 11 pm.

Police quoted Adirek Phochai, a security officer of a nearby condominium, as saying he saw a BMW speeding and hitting the woman, Pitploen Takoma, 58, and crashing into a public phone booth.

Adirek said Sornram then emerged from the car and said he dozed off while driving. The actor quickly disappeared from the scene.

He was later admitted to Wichaiyuth Hospital.

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sarNie Egg
I'm actually in Thailand right now and when my mom saw him on the newspaper she told me that Num was in an accident and had passed away. I came online to confirm, fortunately he's ok, but I am even sadder now that the woman passed away.


sarNie Hatchling
Oh gosh what's going to happend to him now. Was he drinking and driving or something, that poor woman.


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see why all accidents mostly in BMW? ma mom has same one as p'num :s


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Hit and run...

That would be first degree manslaughter in my state... and he were to live here... probably 20 years in prison.

I hope that woman's family forgives him.


sarNie Egg
did he hit and run? the paper says that the security guy spoke with num..'saying he dozed off'
i feel sorry for the lady that died....hopefully it's not hit and run....cause if it that's not good....


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omg i feel so bad for the lady. it's so sad. i also feel bad for num too because i will definitely be in shock also. i wouldn't know what to do. i hope everything goes well.


oh hit and run just like Annita did long ago.Speed accidentally hit someone got scared run off then later come to confuss,but sadly the lady die.
I love Sornram i hope everyone will not give him a hard time.
Nobody is perfect.
I remember when it happen to Annita.She was crying her eyes off with tear.It ws so sad/horrible.
But then again Sornram should know better not to be driving so fast.
Anyone know if he was drunk or not?
I wonder what is going to happen to him now.
What will his fan think of him.


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
I read this too. I heard Num had fallen asleep
at the wheel and then accidentally hit an old
lady - she died. Poor Num. I hope he gets
better. Scary. Why are there such dangerous
accicents? Sad.


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
I see a lawsuit coming. From what i understood reading what 2cute wrote was he fled the scene...

This is just plain sad, both for Num and the lady's family.


sarNie Juvenile
I hope P'Num does not have any serious injuries and I wish he gets well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very sorry to the old lady's family!!!!!!!!!


sarNie OldFart
I can't believe he'd run like that...I'd probably be freaked out too, but to runaway...don't think I can do it...especially when someone is dying.


that article from nations is a bit confusing in their arrange of words...Bangkok post was much more clear.
Actor kills garbage collector in car crash

( - A street sweeper was killed late Wednesday when popular actor Sornram Thepitak hit her with his BMW on the way to a computer games shop.

The actor, who had some facial injuries, was otherwise unhurt. A witness said the actor claimed he had dozed off at the wheel.

Sornram reportedly hit the 59-year-old woman at 11pm near a telephone booth in Lao Prao district.

Direk Photichai, a security guard at Sri Thani condominium locating near the scene, said he heard a loud noise at the entrance of the condominium so he ran to the scene. He said he saw Sornram opening the door of his black BMW 525i and also found the body of Pitploen Takoanma covered in blood.

The guard told police that Sornram had told him that he dozed off.

The actor was taken to Wichanyuth Hospital where he was being treated on Thursday.

Hospital director Dr Narong Rodwanna said Sornram will have to undergo x-rays to check if the crash caused any internal injuries.

The public relations officer of his agency RS Promotion said Sornram was going out to buy a computer game after having pizza with his mother on Wednesday night. The PR agency claimed he had not consumed any alcohol before hitting the road.

So no it wasn't a hit and run. He did spoke to the security guard before he was emitted to the hospital
that poor woman! :( think how her family must feel...gosh...

sorry, but i don't think that num should get off at all just because of his status...he should receive all the consequences just as someone else would...